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So my child's father wants my daughter to come around his side of the family. But, as her mother I feel that she shouldn't come around his side of the family b/c they don't do anything for my daughter. They don't include her in anything. They don't check on her at all. And behind closed doors they talk shit about me. it's so funny b/c I give my daughter the world while he got the easy part of not doing anything but getting little stuff when it takes more than a pack of diapers&a box of wipes. Not just that but he wants to clam her on his taxes but she don't even stay with him or in his house hold to even want to clam her on his taxes. Since iv had her I feel that my life is being controlled and her father feels that he has more of a say so due to the fact that he's her father. Advise please


Jodi - posted on 01/25/2014




This isn't about you. You don't get to say whether your daughter should see the other side of the family. If her father wants to take her there, that's his perogative. He has just as much right as you do. It sounds to me like you are the one trying to be controlling. With regard to the taxes, what does the court order say, and is he paying child support? If you don't have court orders, maybe it is time to set up custody orders, visitation orders and child support, especially as you seem to be complaining that he doesn't give you anything (you can't complain if you haven't done anything about going through the legal avenues for child support). But you still don't get to decide what goes on in daddy's house or on daddy's time.

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