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Rikki - posted on 11/01/2009 ( 12 moms have responded )




we have cats and they were the love of my life untill i had my son and now i still love them but dont want them touching any of bubbys things or bubby i find myself runing around after the cats more then i do after bubby. am i a horible person for thinking about geting rid of the cats? do u think it mite get better with time or will i always be running around stoping the cats from touching bubby and his things ?


Laura - posted on 11/01/2009




I have two cats and two dogs and when we brought Critter home the same thoughts were running through my head as well. but I've found that my boy cats tend to stay away from him for most of the time. if your cats are strictly indoor cats I'd say you should be fine, so long as they don't try to cuddle up to him or get in his crib. wipe down his toys but don't obsess yourself to death if a cat rubs up against his out-stretched hand and it comes back with some hair. just clean his hand. don't scare the cats away from him or the cats will grow to resent him- same with the dogs.

hope this helped some!

Bianca - posted on 11/01/2009




no I had three indoor cats before my son came along and at first I was the same way I turn my indoor cats into outdoor cats because of it but now my son is two and he get filthy anyways just playing I dont seem to mind cozing with my cats or my son loving on them. I would have them declawed or the vet can put these rubber things on their claws so they dont scratch the baby.

Katrina - posted on 11/01/2009




I have a 3 month old and 1 cat. The day we brought the baby home, the cat freaked out. She had a mowhawk and a toilet brush tail. She sniffed the baby and has kept her distance. She is curious though and we just make sure she stays out of the crib. The cat will sniff the baby's stuff, especially if she has been somewhere daycare for example. But we try to give the cat attention by brushing her and offering her a lap. She has taken things well and generally keeps her distance. I think she will always be curious, but I've seen her interest in some of the baby's things diminish over time.

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I have one chihuahua and a himalayan...They sleep in his room in the rocking chair..My chihuahua hair is everywhere...I keep anything that goes in his mouth or touches his manhood clean...So far he has been great no problems...hope this helps...

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I agree with Sherry, first babies make us nervous The cats are just curious and want to know what that is and what does it do, will it pet me too? lol. I have cats and there is a moment of curiosity there, they will become familiar with babies smell and accept them as family, don't rush to get rid of them. as long as they arent hissing at the baby that is;)


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The only thing I would worry about is the baby getting near the litter box or eating the cat food. I had no choice but to give my cat away because of her behavior after my son was born. She was so freaked out and when she growled and hissed at him I knew I had no choice. It broke my heart. Once your son is crawling or walking he is going to go after those cats. He'll want to love on them and you need to teach the cats to be gentle and tolerant.

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The cats touching your bubby's things shouldn't be something you should be crazy about it's going to happen regardless, more so when the baby gets bigger and tries to play with the cats WITH the bubby's things. You mentioned chasing the cats everywhere, keep in mind pets in general will accept children but if they get yelled at or shoo-ed away everytime the baby is around they associate the baby with THEM getting into trouble and THAT is when animals that hurt babies do so, the second they're left alone with the little creature ruining their life. Also, babies AND animals pick up on the vibes YOU are giving out, if YOU remain calm and collected it will be better for all involved. When my 1st born came into the picture I had 2 cats. One was a big lovey dovey cat who used to always sleep on my chest. I have a great picture of her sleeping on the baby's lap while she was sleeping in her car seat, I believe she was only a few months old. The other cat, hated people, hated animals and just stayed away from the baby. I say if you don't make it a big deal and set specific boundaries (ie. no crib etc. ) it should be fine, but what you're doing now isn't good for any of you. I'm not saying let the cats sleep on your baby, but you shouldn't have to get rid of them and you should make sure that when you have an opportunity you should give them some attention and your baby will be fine, as long as he's not allergic cat hair won't hurt him.

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I have 2 cats and a 21 month old. I never worried about them interacting but wouldn't let the cats in his crib. As soon as he started noticing the cats I did start teaching him how to be gentle with them. I would take his hand and show him how to pet the cats. I don't let hm pull their tails - my theory is: if he's nice to them they'll leave him alone. Now that he's walking/climbing the cats have learned to stay out of his way.

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You always worry with your first more than your other kids, it will get better. The baby is new for the cat and cats are nosy and have to know what is going on all the time, it will get bored and leave the baby alone soon.

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Leave the cats only. Keep them groomed, so they aren't dropping as much hair. And stop thinking of "getting rid of". Real pet owners don't "get rid of" of a pet simply because the pet becomes inconvenient.

I have 3 kids & four cats. I have pictures of my younger son with an almost newborn kitten nestled inthe crook of his arm as they both slept on the couch.

The only thing I drew the line at was cats sleeping in the bassinet. I kept it covered when the baby wasn't it in it. And the cats out of the room when the baby was asleep in it.

My kids have never become "sick" because of the cats.

Dawn - posted on 11/01/2009




i have 2 cats and have a 1 year it has never bothered me abt the cats touchin her things just not her bottles or any thing like cats go every where in the house but i dnt allowe them in her room. im sure u will start 2 worry less. both my kids have grew up around cats and they r both fine.

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