babys daddy has sex in front of my child


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Quinn - posted on 05/11/2014




Hey Jessica,

What do you mean by in front of your child? Most adults have sex at night preferably once the children have been tucked in bed for the night. Are you saying that he is just having women over or the one for the moment over and just randomly having sex with her while the child is still awake and/or running around the house playing? If so than you need to take away his over-night stay. He should only be able to spend time with y'all child during the daytime and he should find activities to keep them both busy.

How old is the child because depending on the age, you may need to have the talk about sex sooner than later?

Since you are stating that he is a good father in all other areas, than your problem could possibly be resolved if you threaten to stop allowing the child to spend the night at his house or if you get a court order requesting supervised visits.

Also, what type of woman is he "falling in love" with that have sex in front of kids?
I wish you luck with this.

Jessica - posted on 05/08/2014




Hes a good father otherwise but he gets caught up in finding someone (he's in love with being in love) and he puts his priorities in the wrong place and no matter how I tell him he needs to put his kids first he doesn't listen.

Michelle - posted on 05/08/2014




I'm pretty sure that falls under some kind of sexual predator category.. If threatening him with the law doesn't help you may just have to smack him up yourself

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