Babys First Birthday!!!

Kimberly - posted on 02/22/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




Suggestions for my sons "superhero themed" first birthday??? Fun Food/recipes, decorations, game suggestions??? Any ideas would b greatly appreciated!!!


Kaitlyn - posted on 02/28/2011




Tablecloths could be capes...i.e.: A bright blue tablecloth with the Superman logo in the middle, or black with Batman logo, etc.

If you will have older kids attending you could do a superhero hunt. Sort of like an Easter egg hunt, but w/ superheros? Ooh, or you could do a Kryptonite hunt. Paint rocks bright green and hide them around the yard or house and have the kids find them to help save Superman.

You could do pin the logo or mask on the superhero? Like pin the tail on the donkey, but you have to pin the logo in the right place or the mask instead?

You could do the fishing game in which every child gets a turn "fishing" for a prize.

Hot superhero? Like hot potato.

You could make cut outs of various superhero's or just their symbols/logos and use them as hanging decor.

You could do a Superman cake with the logo with your son's initial instead of the S.

Superhero sandwiches

Hope that helps. Enjoy!


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Kimberly - posted on 03/01/2011




Kaitlyn: U have some good ideas...I woulda never thought of em lol

I have a few posters that i plan on hanging up and then giving away as prizes along with a few other things thats been put away n a closet and I figured they'd get more use out of em than i am...I ordered some marvel character gift pack (since i couldnt find superman or any other DC comic character) that came with balloons, napkins, cups, and plastic cutlery...And some red and blue balloons that have 1 on em along with a banner...I also figure i'll do cupcakes instead of a big cake but make him a small one for himself (I actually found a #1 superman candle for it) and i found a spiderman cupcake holder for it and some spiderman bags that i can use to fill with party favors...We all plan to wear our favorite superhero shirts and even added a memo for the children coming to the party if they wanted to they could (superman for my husband, son, daughter, and self)...I have a pin the tail on the donkey game but thats about it but I like the Kryptonite hunt idea and the pin the logo...My 5 yr. daughter could help me paint rocks for it :)...She was actually the one who had suggested the superhero theme anyway cuz she wanted to wear her superman shirt plus she knows how i like them (sounds dorkish i know lol) and this way she was able to feel like she was part of her baby brothers bday party...I know he wont remember it but i want it to b fun for the kids that do come since they are all older...I'm sure they wont even care as long as they have cake n ice cream but still...The more fun they have, the more likely they continue coming the following years :) Plus its always raining around that time...(it did the day i brought him home from the hospital) so I'm planning inside games just in case but if all goes well, they can just run around outside and play n less clean up for me (which is what i'm hoping for) lol

Laura - posted on 03/01/2011




This is a "first" birthday--your son will have no memory of this event, sorry to say. I suggest keeping the party simple for your son--just let him play with the other kids. Birthday parties before kids will develop any memories of them are strictly for the grown-ups to enjoy. So decorate however YOU want and serve foods that YOU wish to eat! I would not worry about games at this time--just let the kids get together to play and have fun with each other. Wait to plan full-blown, game-filled parties when your son is older: We had our first big birthday party (with pinata!) when my daughter turned 4. She still remembers the pinata!

Since this is a first birthday, remember to time the party to your son's regular schedule. Don't plan it when he would normally be napping, for example. Keep it short, too. The increased activity for this special day can over-stimulate little ones. I suggest planning it for no more than 2 hours; 60 - 90 minutes would be ideal. So have fun, I would just keep it simple.

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