Babysitter issues!

Sienna - posted on 05/24/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




We have just hired a new babysitter for our weekly date nights, (our old sitter moved away) and this new girl has babysat 3 times now, she seems really sweet she babysits for a friend of ours.
The first time she babysat everything seemed great, the kids were happy when we got home, the house wasn't too destroyed, the boys had been fed and bathed and we were all happy!

The second time was a little different, the kids seemed really "off" when we got home, and although we have pretty strict TV rules they informed us later that they had watched 2 movies, and on top of that they were all starving when we got home!!!

The third time I was apprehensive about letting her come again but i wondered if it was just a bad day for her, so we left last night and i went over the rules again, and even left her a long detailed note!

30 minutes after leaving she calls me and says the kids won't stop crying! Now this is bizarre to me, in all of the years I've know my own damn children, they are just not criers! I mean my oldest can get sad but only very privately with his dad and I!
So I said we would come back and when we got there they all seemed chipper and happy! And the babysitter said "Oh yeah they're fine now, you can go back out if you want" well needless to say we stayed home and she left!

I'm just not sure what to do?! Am I being paranoid or is something strange going on here?


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 05/25/2012




Just don't call her back. You don't need to explain anything to her. Find yourself someone else.

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