babysitting, how much?

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My husband is the manager of a gas station and has an employee who's children are currently in daycare part time after school. In the new year, there is a rumor that they are cutting how much daycare they pay for and she is afraid she may be cut so is looking for other options. I am a SAHM and could probably handle them for the 3 or so hours a day that they need care between the gap and maybe even on Fridays so she can keep her job. The question is what is reasonable to charge for this? Also a neighbor may need occasional babysitting as well. what are you ladies paying for daycare and how many hours?


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My friend pays $25 per day for her sitter to wach her son 3 days a week. The sitter charges $30 per day if it's 5 days per week.

Just a word of caution though, be careful about taking in too many kids. I would suggest looking into rules your state may have about how many kids constitutes needing a daycare license and stay under that limit. My mom used to watch up to 6 kids (+ my brother, sister and me for a total of 9 kids), but never went above that because any home where 10 kids were being watched was required by law to have a daycare license. You just want to make sure in case a neighbor reports you or something :)

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It really depends on where you are. I'm in TN but the avg cost for daycare (thats not state certified) can be between $75-$120/kid per wk (not including wkends) and we're not around any huge major cities like nashville or anything. If you wanted to cheat a little, you could call your local daycares and ask questions about their rate and how much they charge and go from there. Just say your comparing prices for a friend and it shouldnt be a problem. Its nice to see that your offering to help though. I know how hard it can be to find daycare and the fact that your willing to help someone out is great. I'm sure they will appreciate it very much. Just be sure to inform the people your hours your willing to devote a wk and whether or not you can do weekends (as some people tend to take advantage of a person--not saying they will). And of course if you plan on vacationing with your husband or anything, let em know ahead of time so they dont struggle last min. ( When I was working, I had a lady tell me only 30 min. before my shift she couldnt watch my daughter that day cuz was leaving for vacation--imagine how frustrating that was lol)...Hope this helps you some.

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I seem to get paid $40 a day but it's only if someone has no other options. Couldn't stand looking after someone else's kids full time.

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I do in home daycare and charge $3.30 an hr and half price for any additional. It works out to be $150 full time a week.

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I have two kids, 4 years and 10 months. I have a regular sitter two nights a week and she charges 10 an hour or 50 a day. She is great with them so to me it's worth the money.

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