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Hello, we'll to start off I'm 18 years old and I have two kids. My son Joseph is going to be two yrs old this august 28 ,and my other son Anthony is six months and I just recently found out I'm pregnant once again. I'm stressing like big time . I'm wondering if it's even safe for me or the baby? I had both C-section and I'm not very healthy . I'm 22 pounds over weight I'm 152, I'm suppose to be 125. Any who I haven't even lost my baby weight from my last pregnancy 6months ago. I'm really frightened at this point. Help


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Chet - posted on 07/06/2014




Lots of people have closely spaced children and multiple c-sections. This isn't a huge issue.

There are always risks, but it's expected that women are typically fine with three c-sections. Many moms have a lot more than three, but the risks start to increase most significantly after three... and even then, lots of moms do have four or five. Talk to your doctor, but he or she will probably say don't worry, three c-sections is fine.

Physically speaking, your late teens and twenties are the healthiest time to have a baby. Your age probably offsets the extra twenty pounds.

When you're pregnant is not a good time to start an aggressive exercise or weight loss program, but do your best to stay active and eat healthy. Walking and swimming are good options for exercise. Some cities even have special aqua-fit or yoga classes just for expecting moms. I had four kids born in the span of five and a half years, and I don't believe in super strict diets for pregnant moms, but try to cut out the obvious junk and eat as many nutrient dense foods as possible.

Amy - posted on 07/06/2014




You really need to talk about your concerns with your doctor, they are the only ones who know your medical history.

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