Back to work against my husbands and childrens wishes to take care of ME?

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Hi all,

I have been a stay at home mom for just over a year, after quitting a job I mostly loved for over 20 years. I am remarried, and feel blessed that I no longer have to work. I am a full time mom to two boys that are 14 and 11, and to another son that is with us over 50% of the time. He is 7.

The kids are in school now and I have about 5 hours every day to spend alone. I went on an interview for the possibility of part time work with a company that is in a similar industry as I was in. It sounded like they really want a full time employee, (they need to replace someone who is retiring) but may consider having me part time if it works for them as well. I felt myself really wanting to not lose out on the opportunity, and want to make myself available full time.

I have joined the gym and meet other stay at home moms for lunch, the house is always clean and the laundry kept up on. I am still antsy. My wanting to go back to work is causing extreme grief between my husband and I because he thinks any salary I may contribute isn't more important than my being here for the boys. It is the first time in my life that I have depended solely on another person for all of our needs, which are well taken care of. Again, the boys are all school age...they're not babies or toddlers, so I don't feel that "needed" any more.

Any input is appreciated.

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