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Here is my scenario:
I'm a mother of a 1 1/2 yo. I decided to get back to work once A turned 9 mos. Since that time I have struggled to keep perm work. At the moment, My husband and I are in need of a 2nd income seeing that things are extreeeemely rough financially. Rough as in cutting cable, cell, internet, groceries & so much more with nothing extra to spare. I currently work M-F 10 hrs wkly. My boss recommended me to work for her father after my temp work is done and her father is now offering me a position with his company. Here is my problem...The location is 45 min away fm home but straight freeway in Houston area, meaning traffic. Starting pay is 40k its M-F 9-5. I am certain I would be home 6pm and of course leave way earlier to drop off A to the sitter on the Other side of town. Please give me feedback moms!!!!! In the end its my decision but would desperately love pro/cons and all insight. Also, if this has happened to any of you, how did you manage?


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Well I haven't had your specific situation but me, my husband, and 4 year old daughter, oh and 1 on the way have been surviving on $400 a week for the past 3 1/2 years. I'm a stay at home mom to my 4 year old and the soon to be baby girl. I'm also home schooling after the baby comes. It has took allot of fragile spending and work but we manage. It isn't easy especially the way the economy is. We don't use government assistance at all! No wick or food stamps by any means! We grow our own garden every year. Me, my husband and daughter help and she loves it. I know your situation may be different, however in my own opinion we as parents have to evaluate what matters most! Chasing a endless dollar or spending time with our kids so that they get what they need from us. This is difficult and different lives have different circumstances. Me and my husband will go hungry to give our kids anything they need. Not want but need! Not to say we just give them what ever they want but the emotional, physical, healthy things they need to be smart happy kids! I know life is stressful and sometimes it is so hard to slow down and breathe. So just take a moment every day to your self and with your child to collect your thoughts, explain to your child why you can't be near them during the day even if they can't talk. It helps relieve your stress and gives great time spent with child! This majorly helped me when I was working! Hope things get better! And remember they call us parents for a reason we get all the hard work and dirty jobs! :)

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