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Kristen - posted on 01/31/2019 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi Moms. I have a 6 year old boy that is getting in trouble a lot at school. I will tell you off the bat, we are very strict and not the type of parents that think that their angel can do no wrong. Its never for big things, but I seem to be hearing from his teacher at least once a week. Before 1st grade, i NEVER heard from teachers unless it was something positive. Here are the last two things that have caused him to go to the office:

1. He peed on the floor in the bathroom when he was trying to see how far he could make it to the urinal. His teacher is adamant that he was too far back to be trying to do that, but he showed my husband and my husband thinks that is exactly what he was doing. And my son swears that is what he was doing (he told us this before we mentioned it as a possibility).

2. Today I got a call because he was talking about farting in peoples mouth. Gross, I admit, but is that so weird for a 6 year old?

We now have to have a meeting to discuss a behavior plan tomorrow. I guess I was taken aback by this. These things necessitate a behavior plan? Are schools this strict? I hate to pull the "when I was a kid" card...but when I was a kid you had to throw a chair or hit someone to get a behavior plan or go to the office. Any advice moms? I am feeling like I must be doing something wrong or missing something.


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Summer - posted on 02/02/2019




Hi Kristen

First...nothing wrong with you OR him...you sound like a great parent. I don't find any of this behavior abnormal for a 6 year old...my son did much worse! Boys like to pee, they pee outdoors, they miss the toilet...they like to aim and shoot there pee...lol...what in the world is wrong with that...he is only 6! My son climbed on our bathroom vanity, dropped his pants and bared his cheeks and tried to pee in the toilet "from above"!!

And all boys talk about farting! Farting is a natural, unavoidable circumstance of eating! My son was fascinated with farts! Did he fart in school? Yes! Did he get in trouble for it? Yes...but only a time out! My son actually did sit on my face once and farted....well dealt with that and although he never knew, we thought it was bad behaviour...but still hilarious!

So don't mess with the school...eat your noodles and say yes to this and yes to that...then laugh about it once it is all over. The school is wrong but you can't mess with them.

Now, I am not condoning your son's behviour...it is childish and normal, funny...but still needs corrected. You say you are strict...do you spank?


Michele - posted on 02/01/2019




Ouch, that's rough. What happened to logical consequences like him cleaning the bathroom since he made a mess. And number 2 made me laugh.

So, my thoughts and comments (my son is almost 30 now but I do have an 11 year old daughter)

first, once a teacher starts in on a child like that, they are not going to stop and it sometimes will carry over to the next year.

If you need to get principle and others involved make sure you approach it from a what I can do to help and not from the "Not my child" stand point.

Definitely go in and have a face to face because there could be other things going on in the class besides these issues. and make sure you keep talking to you son about appropriate behavior and words.

And always always always side with the teacher and let them know you are on their team. Whether you are or not it goes a long way.

Curious as to the age of teacher.

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