bad behavior in school all a sudden

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My 6 year old daughter did amazing in pre k n first few weeks in kindergarten this year she has straight a but her behavior in class n bus have been awful past two weeks in class she's over talking teacher not listening and on bus won't sit down please need advice


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Take her off all sugar as much processed foods as possible and go all whole natural foods as much as possible to see if that changes anything, This includes all sweet, caffeine, and carbonated drinks as well.
For snacks give her fruits, nuts, seeds as snacks.
For drinks all natural juices, water and milk.
No more junk food, McDonalds, or candy.
Tell her you are making changes to her diet to see if that is why she is having too much excess energy and not doing and acting as she should in school.
If that does not change anything in a week that you will start a loss of privileges such as taking away tv, toys, etc until she apologizes and does what she is supposed to do and act as she is supposed to for at least a week.
Do not just say your are going to do it but do it and hold to it no matter what she does or says until she apologizes and does good for a week. If she gets more out of hand tell her she is about to loose something else for an additional week.
If she is showing no improvement in a month or two then have her checked for ADD/ADHD or some other issue by a doctor.

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