Bad case of MUMMY-LITIS!!!!

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Ok so im at my wits end now,my 7 week old refuses to go to daddy or granny.She screams her lungs out and when i eventually take her she immediately settles down.She refuses for me to put her down,which means she wants to sleep in my arms or the sling,etc.I can't shower,go to toilet,let alone anything else.Im exhausted!!!!!!Please help!!!Is it possible that at 7 weeks you could have seperation anxiety?Why wouldn't she allow even dad to carry her....for 5 minutes...i need to pee dammit????!!!!!!!!


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You could try handing daddy or granny a shirt you have just taken off when you hand them the baby - at that age a lot of it is still needing to smell mummy :o)


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Absolutely normal afterall she has been safe and warm inside you for 9 months and is now in this strange new world it is only natural she cings to the person she knows best try letting her daddy do these few bonding tips so she can enjoy a strong bond with him as she does with you :
Have a staring contest
Prowess is a guy thing, right? Lest you believe that little baby of yours is a pushover, engage her in a time-honored ritual of seeing who'll blink first. She may surprise you. Babies love to contemplate faces, and chances are that before she gets bored you'll have dropped your gaze, wondering where she got that incredible dimple, or whether her ears look like your mom's or your wife's.

Play kangaroo
My firstborn was a colicky baby who was never happy unless someone was holding him. At the end of the day, Tim used to come to the rescue by strapping on a Snugli and going about his business — raking leaves, setting the table, tossing a ball for the dog — all with Kyle cuddled against his belly.

Take a bath together
A new dad we know dreaded the nights when it was his turn to bathe his son — the combination of screaming baby and slippery skin made him nervous. One night, he simply stripped down himself and took the infant into the tub with him. Lo and behold, the baby was calm for the entire duration of the bath. Being snuggled against his father's chest made all the difference.

Read the sports page
Aloud. Let's face it: Goodnight Moon can get you only so far. After the 1,500th reading of the classic book, my husband finally threw in the towel. I walked by the nursery at bedtime to hear him very sweetly crooning the details of a Patriots game to Kyle. The baby loved every minute of it ... it didn't matter what his father was reading, just so long as he was.

Change a diaper
Talk about bonding at the earthiest level — with babies, the bottom line (no pun intended) often involves cleaning up a mess. During a change you get to touch the baby, and talk to him, but it's sometimes hard to see a silver lining when a soggy lining is so much more evident. Still, fair's fair. My friend Mary's husband once asked her what she did all day with the baby, so she lined up 18 dirty diapers in neat, plastic piles on the front stoop for him to see when he came home.

Be there for a cold or fever
Nobody wants their baby to get sick, but there's nothing like an illness to prove how much the little guy really needs you. A night spent rocking a sick child will make you painfully, preciously aware of what parenting is all about.

Bench press
The bad news is that once you're a parent, you don't have much time to get to the gym. The good news is that you have just acquired a fabulous set of hand weights, approximately 7 to 20 pounds. Once our kids' necks could support the weight of their heads, Tim would balance their bodies on his palms and then carefully curl them, bench them, whatever struck his fancy ... and both his biceps and the babies loved it.

Be a texture board
One of the greatest attributes of men is that they feel great (or they probably wouldn't be daddies in the first place). From the rough shadow of beard to a silky moustache to a crewcut hairdo, a father is a tactile delight. Beware: Little fingers can get a punishing grip on chest hair.

Take pictures
Nothing makes as flawless a subject as your own child. An added benefit? All the grandmas and grandpas and uncles and cousins who are the recipients of the prints can't help but notice what a great time you're having being a dad

Baby massage

Let him give her a massage after her bath by gently rubbing lotion into her muscles this is not only great for bonding but allows her to discover different muscles and have greater development .

I don't know if you breastfeed or formula either way let him feed her once a day either formula or pumped milk .

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I had the same problem with my daughter so I found a small fleecy pram blanket and rubbed it around my chest to get my scent on it and as long as she had that blanket touching her cheek she would settle. I did this for a couple of weeks and now obviously it has been washed, as long as we have that blanket she will sleep any where! I did however make sure I had a couple of these blankets so we had a spare!

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Morgan n tracey ve sum good suggestions there...i can imagine how hard n trying this mite b for u...hang in there'll get better!

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it sounds like she just perfers mommy, most babys do,
you feed her cuddle her keep her clean, she likes you :) you just have to keep trying 7 weeks is still very young but you could try putting her down on the floor or in a swing were she can still see you, let her cry for a minute or two but keep talking to her and stay where she can see you, also with your husband and mom give them a chance to settle her dont rush and take her back, if its too hard maybe try leaving the room :)
Good luck I hope it gets better for you

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