bad gas with 2 week old

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he was on enfamil with iron and we switched him to enfamil gentlease which is for fussiness and gas... but its been a week and he still struggles with gas and wont sleep more then 3hours what remedies can i give him?? the gas relief drops dont help at all..

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if your 2 week old is sleeping for 3 straight hours, you're off to a good start! Those gas drops work best if they are given before/during the feeding. They need to be in the tummy to prevent the gas from forming (instead of trying to chase down the painful gas bubbles). It's also possible that your baby may have some reflux- they usually tend to outgrow it, but your pediatrician might recommend some zantac or something to help eliminate the discomfort. Good luck!

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One thing I forgot that her doctor recommended was to lay her over my knees or her tummy and gentle bouncy her.

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Are you using powder or ready to feed? I was having trouble with Kaylee (3 weeks) using the powder mixing as she needed it, so I tried ready to feed and she did better. Now I;m mixing the powder ahead of time with a whisky stirring constantly to ensure it is mixed well and to avoid all the foam produced when mixing in the bottle. The small bubbles produced with the whisk settle while stored and I try not to shake them hard after heating.

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The other option to think about is a dairy allergy. Both of my children were breastfed and I had to eliminate milk from my diet. They were gassy and very fussy, poor sleepers until we figured it out. Ck with your Dr to see if that's a possibility, and get a recommendation for a say based formula.

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Try Enfamil A.R. (it's a special formula for spit-up and it also seems to help with gas). It is quite a bit thicker than regular Enfamil so be prepared.

Also Mylicon Gas Drops can be used at any age and with my first child I went through about two whole bottles by the time he was old enough to go off of formula. Oops! Just saw that you said gas drops don't help.

Hmmm...massaging his tummy gently with a little baby lotion might help before bed and gently moving his legs up and down (like if he was squatting...pushing his knees toward his chest, while he lays on his back) can help him pass the gas the old fashioned way! At two weeks though, with mine, it was pretty normal for them to not sleep much more than 3 hours and to have some probs with gas, spit-up, etc. Hang in there, unless he has colic, he'll start sleeping longer and better in a few weeks.

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You may want to talk to his doctor and see if he might be allergic to formula. They may have you give him whole milk, and add vitamin drops to it, to see if that helps at all. Otherwise, there really arent any other "remidies" to give him. When you are feeding him, make sure the bottle is upright and that he is not sucking in a lot of air while he is eating. And stop feeding to burp him often. Another thing you could try is placing him on his back, and gently push his knees to his chest to help relieve gas. I did that with my daughter, and it seemed to help her a lot.

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