Bad manners vs. people who don't care

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What would you do if you told your children it's bad manners to talk with food in their mouth yet a friend & their parents do it all the time, or kids who don't ask nicely or say thank you, yet you scold your own child for not asking nicely or saying thank you when you're at the 'bad manners" house? I don't want the other mom to think I'm looking down on her children, but my children know not to do certain things, which of course at a young age when one child does something the others just seem to follow. Just calling my child's name will get them to remember what they are doing and stop. Would you get the hint of it was your child with the bad manners and a friend kept telling their own children to stop talking w/food in their mouth, etc.?


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All of the adults in her family and the dad's family that I've been around are like that (talking w/food in their mouth, don't say please or thank you) so I don't think it's an important thing to them. I remind my boys now before going into someone's house or out to eat with someone, to mind their manners and that they will get in trouble for being rude. No, Virginia, I have not had a chat with her about it, I thought hearing me tell my children that it's rude to talk with food in their mouth or to ask please or say thank you before getting anything would be enough of a hint but I guess not! Oh well, school's starting and since I homeschool and she doesn't our schedules don't match for much anymore so there won't be too many more play dates.

Virginia - posted on 08/07/2011




I would get the hint, however have you had a general chat about it the bad manners mom, maybe she is totally oblivious about, or it is not that important to her

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Thanks ladies, for responding. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't sounding like the enforcer mom or something! It's funny that this set of parents are slack in their manners yet over-baring on school & extra curricular activities for their young children (but that's airing someone else's dirty laundry and not to be discussed on here!)

Firebird - posted on 08/04/2011




You shouldn't have to let your own kid's manners slack just because you're in a house with limited enforcement of manners. I would get the hint if it were my kid with poor manners, but I'm the type of person who would step it up a notch.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 08/04/2011




It is not your job to raise other peoples children, luckily! Just be polite about correcting your kids in front of others that do not use the same thought process for manners. Just say things like "(kids name) please don't talk with your mouth full, people cannot understand what you are saying"....things like that.

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