bad neighbor kids

Emilie - posted on 07/15/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have had sooo much trouble with these neighbor kids latley that sometimes I just want for me and the kids to come inside and not ever go back out. They have dumped all the water out of the kiddie pool, they have been throwing rocks at my windows thankfully they haven't broken any yet, they got candy on my car, they knock drinks out of Dylans hand, push Sara on the ground, and so on and so on the list gos on and on.
I tell the kids not to play with the neighbor kids and then their parents come and yell at me because I don't want my kids playing with their kids.


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You have every right to decide what is best for your children so if you don't want them playing with the neighbours then don't let them. You don't have to justify it to anybody. I would take it straight to the parents as you know how little kids can be and you don't know what stories they are telling their parents for their parents to get upset. Just go and explain to them that you have different ideas about how you want your kids to behave and that your kids don't enjoy playing with their kids as the behaviour upsets them. No need to be judgemental, just lay it out straight, "This is what I want for my kids , so this is the decision I have made". They don't have to like it but if you keep it as "I" statements and not accuse them of anything then they will have to respect it without having anything to get upset about.

Kathy - posted on 07/15/2010




I have had some kids like these over the years. I turn into the crazy mean woman. I tell them quite clearly what the rules are at my house and wheln they break them, I tell them to leave. If a parent comes over, I explain why their children have been sent home and why they are no longer allowed to play at my house. If they start screaming at me-well lets just say they go home just like their kids and don't return. Nothing wrong with standing up for your rules of conduct at your house and sticking to them. Anybody-including adults don't like it-are more than welcome to hit the door!


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