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My 1 yr old daughter has a rash on her bottom she has had this rash for about 6 months cant seem to get rid of it. i have changed diapers, wipes, i have used butt paste, desitin, some kind of medicated cream the dr has prescribed and another kind of medicine cazlynns dr prescribed she had to take it by mouth. i forgot the name of it. there is nothing else left to do about this rash. the last med that the dr gave me seemed to made it worse !! im gonna call the dr in the morning and let them know that its gotten worse. it dont seem to bother her its little red bumps. has anyone else had this problem with their kids?? should i switch drs?


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I found that olive oil is the best.the rash will be gone within 2-3 days.Jst put some on a paper towel or toilet paper & dab it all over.If its bad do it every time u change the diaper if its not do it 2-3 times a day & watch it disappear.I did not believe this until i tried it & its amazing.I will never buy any creams agian.

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We're going through the same thing, so I feel your pain. I'm not sure what some of the medicines are that you named, but were some antibiotics? Has the doctor done a skin culture to see if there is an infection, and if so, what medicines it's sensitive to?

I hate diagnosing a rash without seeing it, but to me, little red bumps means yeast. Have you tried nystantin (or another anti-fungal?).

As for caring for her bottom, we stopped using wipes altogether on my son and switched to warm water, which helped a bit. Even sensitive wipes are still full of chemicals, and all those really do is keep them wet, so water is still better. We also use the Aveeno diaper cream, which seems to be a little better than Desitin and Butt Paste for my son (we've tried every cream). Also, one doctor recommended a little baking soda in the bath water to soothe the rash (it won't help the appearance, but it will help any discomfort). Also, as some other posters suggested, lots and lots of diaper free time, the more the better. We end up with some accidents, but that helps the rash more than anything else for my son.

As for changing doctors, if you like your doctor otherwise, I think that might be an extreme reaction. We want answers, and we want doctors to give them to us, but sometimes there just isn't one. As for going to a dermatologist, I will say that my son sees one for his eczema, and when I showed him the diaper rash he had no new ideas and he did exactly what the pediatrician did -- he cultured it -- so in the end we got nothing out of the visit. If your insurance will cover it, then it certainly wouldn't hurt, but from my own experience I can't say that it would be worth any significant amount of money if you have to pay for it.

Good luck, and let me know if you find any answers!


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If you are worried about messes when you are going diaper free for a bit you can always get those absorbent mats, kind of like the ones that they use for puppies who are training in the house. I'm pretty sure they have them in the incontinence (sp??) area in the store for people with bladder issues to sleep on in their beds. If not than you can always use the mats for the dogs, they are exactly the same thing just in a different section. It'll catch everything if the baby pees/poos and you can just throw it away after.

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Sometimes a dermatologist is better when it comes to the skin. When my son got excema he just sent us to the Dermatologist. If it isn't bothering her thee it is pobably not going to hurt her unless any of them become open wounds. If you have insurance coverage then go see dermatologist for your peace of mind. If she has sensitive skin it may show up later with other things. Might as well deal with it now.

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This sounds like a sweat rash to me from the nappies being incased in plastic. The only way is to let your child have 15 minutes a day playing nappy free on a mat to let the air heal her butt. I know this is not easy and can get messy. You could try Sudocrem available at the chemist this is used for nappy rash, burns and alsorts of skin problems and is completley safe to use daily. This rash will go as soon as you potty train but you still have about a year before you do that so try the nappy free time.

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My son had such a sensitive bottom, I used sensitive wipes and diapers and put Aquaphor ointment on him nearly every diaper change (after his bottom had dried completely). My daughter's was not as sensitive but the only thing that helped her diaper rashes was A&D ointment but when she got yeast infections (showed up as little red bumps all over her vaginal area and her butt) the Dr recommended an over the counter cream (an anti-fungal cream it might be stated to be for jock-itch) and that helped some so the Dr also gave me a prescription for nystatin. Do you ever leave her without a diaper on, air can really do wonders for diaper rashes (I know it seems potentially messy but just put a comforter you can easily wash under her). Changing Dr's is a very personal decision but how do you like the Dr otherwise? Is there someone else in the office you could see? You could always get a second opinion from another Dr and see what you think of that Dr. Do you have any gut feelings about the Dr? Another consideration is how old is the Dr, are they experienced or right out of school, are they ancient and perhaps old fashioned or outdated? If I was very comfortable with my pediatrician and I did not have a gut feeling I should leave that Dr I would not change Dr's but that is just me. Hope you get this cleared up soon.

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