Badly behaving 3 year old

Nisha - posted on 08/18/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Please tell me there's someone on here who has the same problem with their 3 year old and has found answers problem is this ..I love my son to death but lately am starting to love death more ..He doesn't listen , he doesn't care, he hits, bites, spits, talks back , and screams and cry for no reason at's like he's the adult and am the child.he can't hear the words no ! And challenges me every single minute of the day .I've tried spanking , time outs , taking tows away , even promising special specials for good behavior but nothing works ...I swear it's like he has a demon inside him or something ...I honestly don't feel like any of this had anything to do with my parents f because my son used to be the sweetest ...he's very polite .says please and thank you and excuse me and am sorry when needed .I just don't understand how a child can be so polite and full of manners but so disobedient and rude ...yes rude my god he acts like a teenager going thru puberty .I need help people b4 I go crazy


Dove - posted on 08/19/2015




How about sending him off to his room to calm down? Calmly and consistently every time he attacks or screams send him to chill in his room. Let him know that he is not allowed to act like that and if he tries then he needs to do it alone.

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