Badly behaving 3 year old

Nisha - posted on 08/18/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Please tell me there's someone on here who has the same problem with their 3 year old and has found answers problem is this ..I love my son to death but lately am starting to love death more ..He doesn't listen , he doesn't care, he hits, bites, spits, talks back , and screams and cry for no reason at's like he's the adult and am the child.he can't hear the words no ! And challenges me every single minute of the day .I've tried spanking , time outs , taking tows away , even promising special specials for good behavior but nothing works ...I swear it's like he has a demon inside him or something ...I honestly don't feel like any of this had anything to do with my parents f because my son used to be the sweetest ...he's very polite .says please and thank you and excuse me and am sorry when needed .I just don't understand how a child can be so polite and full of manners but so disobedient and rude ...yes rude my god he acts like a teenager going thru puberty .I need help people b4 I go crazy

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