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My son will sometimes wake up crying uncontrollably and I've been reading up on this behaviour and they say it's nothing I'm doing. Maybe it is I live with my mom and sister my son is 15 months old and every time he wakes up crying my mom thinks I'm doing something to him. This afternoon my son woke up from his afternoon nap and nothing I did worked to console him my sister came down the stairs and said what am I doing to this child I think they think I'm abusing him and I'm not I've heard of moms that smack their babies out of their tantrums and bite their kids when they bite their mom's. I can't do that it's not in my personality to touch a hair on my child's head. I'm baffled as it does sound Like I'm killing my son when he screams the house down and all I'm doing I trying to console him and he fights me off and I make it worse by consoling him so I leave him to his tantrum. Then he calms down and comes to me. I feel Like a bad mother I'm a tried stressed out mom and the living environment is a stressful one and my son knows the dynamics. I know once I'm working and my son is creche it will probably be different. But does anyone else feel like people must mind their own business as we doing the best we can for our kids and even tho it looks like I'm being harsh on my son for leaving him to scream I just get myself worked up and it takes longer for him to settle. What I'm doing is it wrong I'm very doubtful I'd my every move I make with my child does anyone else feel like this around their mom's?


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There are different parenting styles. Some parents leave the kids to "cry it out", and some must hover over their child and coo at them every time they make a sound. Each parent is different and not necessarily wrong. Each kid is different as well, and may need different things. So, just because one child reacted better to being held, doesn't mean every child will. If there's something making him cry most times when he wakes up, maybe he's having bad dreams or something causing him distress. You may want to talk to your pediatrician about it.

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