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I got a letter yesterday from someone claiming to be representing my ex in his bankruptcy filing. It said that I need to contact the child support agency to ensure I continue recieving his payments. I'm already getting the payments through that agency, though, so why would I have to contact them again? This letter was just odd, it was not on letterhead and the writer didn't have his phone number on it. It just struck me as off. I knew he was filing, he let me know a while back. We've only been divorced 2 years, is this going to bang up my credit? I've busted my tail to fix my credit (early 20s mistakes) and maintain it, so I'll be pretty well ticked off if he's managed to ruin it. The only thing we share is the kids. No credit cards, loans, mortgage are in both our names. I even had my name taken off the deed to his house. Any clarification or guidance will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, ladies!


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Tracy - posted on 07/30/2010




So far, he's never been late with a child support payment and the money already goes through the state. I'll find all of my account numbers and call them Monday. UGH!
Thank you, ladies!

JuLeah - posted on 07/30/2010




I doubt he can mess up your credit, and go with your gut on this letter. They might just be looking for your SSI# and other such information

Take this letter to an accountant or something, see what they say - Don't respond to the letter in anyway

Andrea - posted on 07/30/2010




If there is nothing left in both names you shouldn't have any problems with your credit. However, I would called about the child support. Some states will allow back support be put into a bankruptcy. It will cover your butt to make sure all things are ok with the child support.

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