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Mellissa - posted on 08/26/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




my 5month old baby sleeps really well, at least 12 hours every night since she was 7weeks old. the problem is she sleeps on her stomach n i push the basinet back n forth until she goes off to sleep. i kept doin this because of how well she slept. im now gettin tired of it and want her to start sleeping in her big cot but dont no how she will no to go off to sleep without the pushing. if i dont push her in the basinet she lifts her and and gruns and groans...

any sugestions would be grateful pls....


Cathralynn - posted on 08/27/2009




Try it and see. My daughter always grunted and groaned when she was an infant. I realized she was working to put herself to sleep on her own, that's good. When she was a newborn we turned on a sound machine to lessen the noises and let her work it out, as long as she didn't cry and she didn't. She is just a noisy sleeper. We moved her to her own room and a crib when she was 2mo because I was going back to work. It helped cause noises are less on a baby monitor, but you still tune in to cries. She never had any troubles. I always used a rocking chair to put her to sleep and then lay her down. Around 6mo she fussed at rocking and out of frustration I lay her down awake. She never cried and went to sleep. We've been doing that continuously now and she is 15mo. You may have one of those easy babies that doesn't need help, but is just a little noisy. Completely normal. Good luck!

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