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I am a mother of 5 kids and didn't have any problems toilet training my other 3 boys or my daughter. My last one who is now 3 1/4 is refusing even to sit on the toilet and I'm looking for some tips and advice. We tried the toilet color change, we tried Cheerios in the bowl. He won't even telling me his pull-ups are wet until I say "change diaper?" and then he will tell me he wet or pooped. any suggestions???


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Well, here's what I did. I asked my son why he wouldn't use the potty. His answer? (I kid you not, I actually had witnesses to this) "Mom, I don't use the potty because thats what my diapers are for".

So, the next day, the very next day, he wore underwear. And he cleaned it out when he wet or soiled it. And he kept wearing unders...and it took about a week to be accident free.

Your son is ready, he's more than old enough. Ask him why he won't. If he responds in any way close to what mine did, I'd put him in unders and tell him "that's life, kiddo"

Now, there is always a chance that he really can't feel when he needs to go, and if that is truly the case, then a physician will be able to help with that.

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GET RID of the pull-ups! I am sorry but there is nothing like telling a kid "you are now a big kid" BUT let's put a "diaper" back on you anyway. IF you choose to have him wear them at night, I understand but as soon as he gets up in the AM change into underwear.

Go to the store and buy 4 packages of underwear. Make them different characters (Disney, animals, Kid's Nick, whatever). Involve him in the choosing of the underwear. (Buy extra laundry soap while there as you will need it.) We chose Mickey Mouse, Pooh Bear, 101 Dalmatians and dinosaurs. My son was told that Mickey and Pooh would be upset with him while the animals would bite him if his messed or wet them. It did not take long before he was trained, maybe 6 weeks.

When he gets up in the AM, have him dress himself (help dress if needed) including the underwear. Whenever you home with him, set a timer for 30 minutes. The timer acts as an independent reminder without him feeling like you are hounding him. Once he masters using the potty at 30 minute sections increase the timer to 45 minutes and so on until he becomes more in tune with his body. It can take anywhere from one week to four weeks before this is accomplished. My son told me, at about 3 weeks of the timer's use, that I "did not need to reset that thing (timer) as he had this and could go potty on his own". He had just turned 2 in Jan and this was (I think) late Feb. I too had been frustrated and decided to use the timer myself.

The first week give PRAISE! PRAISE! PRAISE! for even trying whenever the timer goes off. IF there is success, PRAISE! & CLAP!, PRAISE! & CLAP!, PRAISE! & CLAP! as loud as possible. Let him know that this is a good thing to do.

Another thing to try is if by spring he is still not trained, allow him to run around outside without any pants on, PERIOD.

Years ago I saw and dealt with a potty chair which looked liked a step ladder which folded up. It had 2 or 3 steps, handles on each side and the opening ring. They could climb the ladder, turn around and sit to use the toilet. A friend had two as she had two baths in her home and twins. But I have not seen any since. It was made of plastic, maybe by Graco, I don't remember as this was in the late 80's.

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