Battle Creek Moms?

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Are there any moms out there from Battle Creek, Michigan? We just moved to the area and I am looking to meet other moms of preschool age children. I am a stay at home mom of a 17 month old and an almost 3 year old. I would love to find other moms to socialize with and other kids for my kids to play with

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Diamond - posted on 10/26/2012




hello my name is diamond and me and a few friends just started this mommy group on facebook and we also have a fathers group the name of the mommys group is West Michigan Mommy's and the fathers group is called West Michigan Father's u are more then welcome to look up the group name on facebook and join we have alot of cool stuff in mind to do on both sites if it somehthing you are interested in joining we have a field trip planned to go to a museam and we are in the process of searching for more fun stuff to do with the kids so please feel free to join us and also please tell friends and family about it thanks for taking the time to read this post hope to see you there soon

Katherine - posted on 11/07/2010




I live in Canton....mine are 19 months and 5. Go to too to find playgroups in your area.

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