Battling my parents for custody

Holly - posted on 12/16/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I saw another parent post about custody, so I'm hoping I can get some advice too. My mom has had custody of my oldest child since she was 1 year old. When she was born I lived with my parents. After a year I decided to move out and got my own place. When I went to take my daughter out of the house my mom locked herself in the bedroom with my daughter and my father forced me to leave. We ended up going to custody court and my parents were given primary residence and I had scheduled visitation. A couple years later I went through a rough period and asked my mom if I could move back in. She said the only way was if I agreed to modify the custody order to everything by mutual agreement, so I did as she asked. Now my daughter is 11, she still lives with my parents. A couple months ago I filed to have a custody order modification and began requesting custody of my daughter back because I don't think my parents are taking good care of my daughter and believe she would be better living with me, my fiance and our other 3 children. When my mom received the initial papers she didn't let me see my daughter for over a month. I then had her held in contempt and the judge ordered her to let me talk to my daughter on the phone and come for visits. We had our custody mediation at the end of November and it was ordered that my daughter is with me 1 weekend a month and for Christmas break, dates and times by mutual agreement. I have yet to see my daughter. Also today I got papers in the mail that my mom has appealed the courts decision. I'm a good parent. I've never done drugs, I don't drink, never been arrested. A couple months ago my fiance got a work promotion and we had to move 3 1/2 hours away, but I drive half way to where they live every other weekend so my son can go to his dad's house. My mom refuses to meet me or let me go up to get my daughter. The only way she'll let me daughter come to my house is if my mom comes and stays too. She is a horrible person and treats me really bad so my fiance and I do not want her around our other children or in our home because we do not trust her. I don't know what to do. I can't afford a lawyer and I just want my daughter. If you have any advice at all please feel free. Also ask questions if needed. I love my kids and want all of us to be a family.


Jodi - posted on 12/16/2013




File for contempt again. Document every time you attempt to arrange to see your daughter and are refused access then file for custody again on the basis of parental alienation. Legally, if the courts have given you visitation, she can't do this to you.

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