Dove - posted on 07/25/2012




If you have them 2 weeks a month and he only has her 3 DAYS a month.... do something with your kids during the other 11 days. What's wrong with doing something with your kids after school? Bonding and quality time can happen ANY time during the week.

If you guys only get his daughter 3 days a month how do you expect any of you to bond with HER if you go off and do your own thing?

I'm on his side here. 100%

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Thereasa - posted on 07/25/2012




yeah we do bond together that the thing ( we get her for weekend but he has 3 full days with her a month). what is the harm in 1 or 2 days in like 12 weeks or so with just me and my two on a sunday( he is at work) he is here with the kids ( incling his daughter) aswell as me on a saturday. i only get one afternoon with my children because he other day is a wednesday off so i put my kids in after school care that day so him and i get sometime together. it all came out so wrong with him teh other night i do feel bad he going through some horrible stuff with this work i picked teh worst moment to mention it. i guess once a fournight i shouldnt complian. but it has been eating me up abit maybe i should have popped on here first and it would have made me feel awee bit better. i told him because i feel i could speak to him about anything but he just got so mad with me and thinking i meant i hated his daughter when its not true. it all came up to because he is having a meeting with is ex about having her when his ex moves further away. thanks for ur reply drove.

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