Because I can't keep my home clean I guess I'm a horrible mom. please help me with organizational tips!

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Okay..So I seriously feel like a super bad mom. I'm 22 and have two gorgeous babies, my boy is 2 and my baby girl just turned 1. Anyways the story:

7 weeks ago:
My dishwasher broke in my apartment and my sink disposal wasn't working and both sinks would over-flood if I tried even letting a little water run to wash dishes so we put in a work order with management (we live in an apartment). Anyways we waited 2 whole weeks for management to come but they never came.

We had company over 2 weeks later and ordered a rotisserie chicken and 2 pizzas and I also made bbq ribs and there were A LOT of dishes to clean afterwards. I managed to wash a bit before the sinks flowed, I couldn't wash them in the dishwasher. My guests left at like 2 am so my hubby and I were dead tired and left it on top of the counter for the next morning.

Well what do you know just MY luck maintenance finally comes over the first thing early NEXT morning to take a look at my dishwasher and saw the mess from the night before but he didn't fix the dishwasher or the sink and he left saying he'd come back. We were embarrassed of course so we very quickly tidied up the best we could but he NEVER CAME BACK!!

Now add 2 weeks later and no one still came by to fix it. my hubby went down to put in another work order. This time a DIFFERENT maintenance man ( a much nicer one too I might add) came by and fixed the disposal so hooray we could wash dishes!!!

Now forward to today... September 17th

My hubby went out to go see his dad who just came back from across the country and my toddler was running about getting into everything.. You know food on the floor because he wouldn't eat his food, spilled drink that I hadn't got to cleaning yet, toys everywhere.. managed to get into my closet and dragging clothes all that good toddler stuff..(remember I also have another one year old that crawls into everything that I need to worry about) I let all my dishes pile up and by the end of the night I wash them because my toddler will get into everything.. I cant see anything from my kitchen and I can't watch him while I wash dishes, and he doesn't take naps. And where my kitchen gates are my toddler has the habit of throwing things over the gate also

Anyways around 4 pm my 2 yr old was hungry so I put in a chicken sandwich for him and my oven caught fire!! Well to be helpful early that morning my hubby got the oven trays out of the dish washer (tiny kitchen i put it in there to dry) and didn't realize that the drawer underneath the oven wasn't actually a storing place for the baking tools like newer oven models today have it but that's where they light up the little fire for the gas for the oven (ours is an old model). Well one of the baking trays is one of the rubber ones with heart shaped cupcakes and it caught on fire!
After we put it out and the whole mess was settled the manager came up and looked around disapprovingly and told me that if it weren't for my 2 kids she would evict me. I have 3 days to "turn the place around" or I'm out.. I couldn't help it I burst into tears of embarrassment and I told her "you know it's not like I WANT my place looking like this but what do you expect I have a toddler who gets into everything!!' He's in his terrible 2's for goodness sake!

Apparently I'm guessing the asshole (excuse my language) maintenance guy never had a toddler so he doesn't understand what it's like because every time he has to come to our place he goes muttering under his breath how we're "fucking bastards and c*cksuckers" and a whole bunch of other vile things. And to make it more embarrassing for ME she told me in front of the maintenance guy that I keep my place "dirty" (at least she was polite while saying it though) Right now we live in a 1 bedroom apt (we were going to go move in a 3 this tax return) so their toys are in the living room and dining room so the place looks messy during the day.

God I feel like SUCH a horrible mom AND wife even though I try and try I feel like I just can't get it right, you know? And to make it worse I owe $150-$300 out of pocket that I have to come up with somehow for a brand new stove to replace the one we had since it's now "unusable". Even though ours was used (that's why she's giving me a discount she said) and I'm pretty sure (no positive by her tone) they won't give us a new one until we pay the fee. We now have no where to cook and this apartment didn't come with a microwave so I don't have any way to heat food or cook for my kids only cold cereal and fast food I guess. I'm screwed. The maintenance turned off our gas after the fire so I can't use the dryer, oh and my hubby got fired from one of his jobs 2 days ago but wasn't given a reason. So not our week!!


Where was she when I had just vacuumed AND shampooed my carpet the night before and my place was totally spotless?? All toys put away, all dishes cleaned etc!! They always come at the wrong time, I'm so unlucky!!!! No really, I'm beginning to think my family is cursed. Every year for the past 5 years something bad has happened, cut pay, lost job, evicted, etc but at the same time I'm really lucky afterwards something good always comes up like something bad was meant to happen like it's fate.. You know what I mean?that's why I'm trying to keep a positive outlook, but it feels like Gods punishing me for something, maybe karma?

I've been going online and looking up tips and i feel a bit better that I'm not the only mom like this in keeping a clean home with kids. I chase my toddler and baby everywhere and do activities with them, frankly I'm exhausted!!

I'm determined not to be embarrassed like this EVER again so I would like good organization tips from everything to undies, socks, towels toys etc you name it. I go to others home where they have towels in cute baskets and toys and everything else all in order and I'm like how do they do it?? I'm limited on money (nicer way of saying we're poor, it's alright laugh ^_^) so I can't just go out and buy a ton of things to organize I have to make do with what we have which by the way isn't much. Call me cheap but I love the 99 cents store and walmart and was hoping to even get a few baskets there to store things in as bins. I wish I could do it but the truth is I REALLY SUCK AT ORGANIZING! I want to make it look nice and presentable at the same time also though for when I have guests over but at the same time baby safe and toddler proof. If it's cheap enough I'll buy it. I desperately need advice and tips from other moms that could work for me and my household!

Please help! No mean comments please just advice. As you can imagine I already feel like a piece of sh*t and don't need anyone else to bring me down. I have until this Friday to figure out a way where i can get things to a super easy and quick clean up.

Also are there any actual HOURLY jobs I can work from home while watching the kids for extra income? We had to apply for unemployment but in total with what we're earning with the hubby's second job it's still not as much as we used to earn with 2 jobs. As you guessed in this ridiculously unlucky family of mine we lost our car (okay, okay it was actually stolen) all we have now is my hubby's trike motorcycle (Okay fine it's a trike moped but that just ruins the hotness) to get back and forth to work so I can't exactly get the kids to a daycare (I doubt I can even afford it right now!) and we're doing everything on our own with no family or friends to support us (not financially, spiritually i guess) or help us watch our babies so i can't go out and work too.

Please don't feel bad for me I'm trying to keep a very positive outlook on life and trying to keep this post sarcastically humorous .. Soooo any tips on organization AND recipes that don't need to be heated up or cooked but are still healthy for my babies would be greatly appreciated :)


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Bad weeks suck, but you are right about the fact that the good and bad usually balance out. Some people get a bad year followed by a good one, then there are people like me who get 15 years of bad followed by 15 years of great. I was homeless for 9 years and lived in a VW Beetle for another 5 years. Everytime something good happened--got a scholarship for college--something bad happened--diagnosed with cancer, lost the scholarship because I couldn't enroll on time. But soon, everything turned around--I started an online company while I was in the hospital--it was my only option, chemo made me too sick to work outside the hospital, and I was drowning in medical bills. The company grew, and my cancer started to lose :) By the time I was 22, I was cancer free and had enough money to buy a little house and put my dad through rehab. It's all been pretty good since then. So you see, balance, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Unfortunately, there are not many hourly jobs you can do from home while watching kids--the few there are require a quiet, interruption free place to take calls, which is difficult to accomplish with toddlers. You could start a business like I did, but I tried working at home when my son was little and even with a full time nanny, it didn't work out. I'm not trying to get you down, I just don't want you to waste hours of time looking for something that doesn't really exist.

I do have some good tips on keeping the place tidy though. Like Gena said, clean up after yourself immediately--don't let dishes pile up, or leave the beds unmade. It only takes 2 minutes to wash a few plates from lunch, but it takes a long time to do all the dishes. Your kids will be fine for 2 minutes, but they'll get into trouble if you try to take 45 minutes to wash all of the dishes at once.

Also, keep one or two large baskets in the livingroom for kid toys. When you need to tidy up or vacuum, it only takes a few seconds to toss the toys in a bin, but you'll spend loads of time trying to arrange them on shelves or into tons of small baskets.
We also have a One Toy at a Time rule. I've had it since J was 1 year old, so your littles are old enough to understand it. They can each play with one toy at a time, if they get a second toy out before they put the first one away, one of the toys has to be donated to charity (or tossed in the trash if you don't have a way to get it to a charity, but I try not to do that because it is bad for the planet).
Lastly, Americans buy WAY too many toys. They really only need a few--if they won't fit easily into a bin, get rid of the ones that don't fit. A couple dolls, a couple stuffed animals, and some wooden blocks & cars should be plenty...and maybe some tops and balls.... I actually have a rule in my house that if it is brightly colored plastic, I won't buy it--WAY too much fossil fuel is used and too much chemical waste produced making crap that our kids will play with for less than 2 years. Plus, once tossed out, can take up to 40 YEARS to decompose, some of it will never decompose at all--permanent trash. Poor stick with toys that will last many years, ignite the imagination, and don't require us to kill our planet to produce them. If you have a bunch of bright plastic stuff, donate it to Ronald McDonald or the Children's Hospital where kids who are too sick to use their imaginations to the fullest can enjoy them--plus, with that many kids using it, it might eventually be worth the toll it took on our planet.

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wow...i guess its realy not your week..
I have a tip on how to keep the place tidy.. Get your mom or somebody from your family or friends or even husband to take the kids out for a day.ok maybe you cant with the motorbike but make a plan that you have 1day without the kids. Then start with 1thing for example the kitchen (i would recomend the thing you hate the most first) then tidy up,i mean realy clean everything,if you have stuff that you never use and are just in the way get rid of it.Clean out the cupbords,scrub the sink and just make it as perfect as you can..move on to the next room and do the same.Listen to music to make it more fun.Maybe you can get boxes to put the kids toys in it.Or even just one big toy box.Onceyou have cleaned the whole appartment properbly the Golden rule is to tidy up after yourself..If you cook something and have dirty dishes dont wait till they pile up,do it straight away and put them away.When you wake up do the bedding..when you have dirty laundry put them into the laundry straight away..anything you use from a cupbord put it away when you finished using it.The kids can play with toys the whole day but put them all back with the 2year old in the evening.You will see you will get into a routin and the place wont get a mess easily.Cause if you dont do the dishes and they pile up you wont feel like doing them and it will pile up to a mess,like other stuff.You wont be cleaning the whole day you will start to automaticly put stuff away and keep them in place.
And once you have first cleaned the whole place you will find it easier to keep it clean.
Hope my tip helps you...
I think you must make a plan to get a microwave or something to cook on.

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