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Rebecc - posted on 02/20/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




How do I get my 1 month 3 week old baby to sleep in his own bassinet? Every time I try to at him down he wakes up or sleeps for couple minutes then wakes up


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Andrea - posted on 02/21/2014




Try a shirt with your smell on it.. They like to know / think you are close.. It is an easy trick and not as hard to break when they are older... Just use you shirt like a sheet or blanket... Used it with my 3 and my youngest is 13 months and still like to sleep with one of my shirts... My older 2 ages 6 and 5, Only take one of my shirts to sleep in if they go to stay with a family member otherwise they gave it up around 2 or so...
Hope this is helpful... Take care and Best wishes...

Donna - posted on 02/20/2014




Vibration. A car ride (if bassinet fits). Top of a dryer (still standing there). A loud Clock. Or a mommy bear, which has a heart beat and sounds. Good luck. One day it will be better. Until the baby talks back (I'm not going to sleep and on and on).

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