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I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter. We are still working with her on potty training. We didn't start until after she was 2, she just refused to give it a shot until then. We started when she began to take her pull up off at night and stay dry through the night. She is doing pretty good - as long as you keep an eye out for her, there are no pee pee accidents. She still hasn't gone pee pee or poo poo on her own though. At this stage (2 months), is it still normal to have to take her to go pee pee?

As far as poo poo goes, she has only ever gone twice in the pot (both times on her own). Both her daycare and I have to change poopy panties everyday - Is this something we just have to be patient until she gets it?

Also, when we first started this process, she was staying dry all night long. Now, she is wetting the bed every night? Should we put her back in pull ups at night? I don't want to confuse her?

thanks for your advice!


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When we were 2 months into training our daughter, we still had to take her at regular intervals or face an accident. Then I thought, maybe I should just let her have some accidents and after a few accidents, she tells me she has to go. With poop...thats another story. I know she has to go and she knows she has to go, but she doesn't want to sit that long on the potty to go, she usually tells me when its already in her underwear or I have to hold her on the potty and she will go. She has gone 3 times by herself, but she doesn't like her little potty. My daughter isn't 2 yet, but I found that knowing when she has to poop helps, I would try to figure out how often she goes poop and if it occurs around the same time of day, that will help a lot just to know when and watch her for signs she has to go. For instance, Ruby goes poop every other day around 10a. As for night time, when my daughter woke up dry for 1 month, we switched to underwear at night with plastic pants over them. Some days she still has an accident, like if she sleeps in or goes to bed early. Does she wake up when she wets the bed? If not, I would just explain to her that in order to keep her bed dry, she has to wear the pull ups or get up to go potty. Ruby has been able to keep her bed dry for over a month, then went back to peeing early in the morning (about 6am) but she doesn't get up to have to go, so she is back in diapers at night until she can go another month being dry. It worked once, so I hope it will work again. Another thing you could try is at night put her into cloth training pants and put plastic pants around them, that way she will be able to feel when she is wet. Good luck! and if you have any other questions, just ask!

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