Bedtime Battles for Miss 2.5

Olga - posted on 01/19/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




We have constand battles every night at bedtime. We have a regular routine - I warn her that in 10 minites we are going to bed, the 5 minutes, then we give daddy his kisses, go to the toilet, have a glass of water and change into her night time nappy and her nighty or PJ's and then I allow her to choose which 4 books she wants. She lies in her bed whilst this is happening. Then I say, ok - we are going to turn off the lights and I will sing you a song.

And she goes off ( and not due to my terrible singing!)

She screams, crys, carrys on, jumps out of bed, pounds the bedroom door, screams for her daddy, screams for her grandparents, for everyone!

I feel terrible she is so upset at bedtime - she gets so worked up and

It takes over an hour to get her settled down and it is really waring me down. It just gets me really down.

Is any one else going through the same thing?


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When my kids would get like this I would remind them that I love them and we need sleep to have a good day tomorrow. I will speak softly to them and ask them if they had fun that day. "Did you like when we had mac n cheese for lunch" or "Was it fun to play with the dog?" If you talk softly enough kids will stop screaming because they hear their favorite words and want to know what you are saying.

There used to be ALOT of yelling in my house when we would all get frustrated. My mom told me to try this and we have alot less bedtime fits or fits in general. Good luck.


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Olga - posted on 01/23/2012




Hi there Tasha

Thanks for that advice - I tried it and it did stop the crying. She then sat in her bed and sang at the top of her lungs for 45 minutes, then proceeded to cry and carry on for another 45 minutes before she relented and went to sleep at 10.30! It was past my bed time by then!!!

Will keep trying.

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