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Nora - posted on 12/27/2012 ( 8 moms have responded )




I have a 19 month old. Do you keep bedtime the same or change it depending on length of afternoon nap? Some days he takes a 2 hr nap and others a 3 or 3.5. He is an early riser, 5:30 many days which I would love to figure out how to change. Any advice on the bedtime or early riser? Do you think limiting his nap time will give him more night sleep? Usually it is about 10 -10.50 hrs.


Rochel - posted on 12/27/2012




I pushed my older childs bedtime to 730/8 around this age. Also make sure you have very good black out curtains this makes a difference. Afternoon nap should be from 1-4, so you day can look like this. 7am wake up, breakfast 730am, (I always did potty first), play in her room until 930am, then we went to the park outside until 1130. did down time of books and arts and crafts until 1215, then lunch, 1pm in bed. 4 pm should be around when they wake up. Around this age I would wake her to establish it. 6 pm dinner, 630 bath, 7pm wind town time, 730pm in bed. Hope that helps!


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All I can say is I had one early riser, and one late riser...LOL...and the early riser didn't learn how to sleep in until after he graduated if anyone knows a "secret" let me in on it...I'm sure I'll have grandkids at some point...LOL

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My daugther is almost 15 months. She sleeps 2 hours some naps and 4 hours other times. but I try to always put her to bed at the same time (9 o'clock for me) and she will sleep through the night until about 8 every day. Depending on the schedule for the day, I will put her down for a nap around 11 and she'll sleep less and take another nap around 3 or 4. Or, if I keep her up until 12 or 1 she'll sleep longer and not take a second nap. But I do try to keep the bedtime consistent. I just adjust her naps to meet other scheduled obligations.

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1-3 years of age should sleep 12 - 14 hours per day
"As your child moves past the first year toward 18-21 months of age he will likely lose his morning nap and nap only once a day. While toddlers need up to 14 hours a day of sleep, they typically get only about 10." -Web MD

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I think it's best if you try to keep the same schedule. Kids like consistency. If he gets up that early, you might want to make the bedtime later so he sleeps later.

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You are a great mother, and he's a wonderful little fella for keeping a schedule. Maybe a two hour afternoon nap, going to bed between 7 & 8, and seeing how he wakes up in the morning. Mine were always up by 6, having had a two hour nap the day before, but I did not do that until they were 2, and we were practicing potty training on their own little pots, here and there. 19 months is still a toddler, and I for one think you've done a fabulous job, and 5:30 doesn't seem unreasonable to me, being an early riser. You are his mommy, so you can try a couple of different schedules, and if they don't work just yet, go back to what does for him. He won't take naps forever. Two to three hours, man, what a sweet situation, with some private time for yourself. A lot of moms would just about kill for that. I didn't sleep through the night till I was 3. My poor parents....

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I agree completely with Rochelle. Just wanted to add that usually it works the opposite of what you'd think - the better the nap, the better the night. If a kid is overtired, it's hard for him to fall asleep. If he's well rested, he can have a 3 hour nap and then sleep for 12 hours overnight. If he has a terrible nap, he might be unable to seep well, wake up at night or too early. But I try to follow the "no naps after 4 o'clock" rule.

Hayley - posted on 12/27/2012




limiting his naps will def make him sleep longer at night...allow him 2 hours in the afternoon but no longer stick with it fpr a week or so u should see a difference x

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