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Talia Is A - posted on 06/25/2015 ( 6 moms have responded )




My 10 year old daughter goes to bed around 1:00 AM and I can't get her to go to sleep earlier. She does get up for school but often doesn't have a lot of time in the morning. She stays up using electronics. I take them away and find them back in her room when she's at school. I have used all possible hiding spots, but to no avail.She is a bright soon to be 7th grader and is usually very reasonable. She says she thinks she has a genetic mutation that causes her to need less sleep. I looked it up but it doesn't say how old the people tested on were. She wants to experiment on herself by staying up late. What can I do? She doesn't seem tired, but a few times at three I wake up to her in the kitchen having a snack.What can I do/say to get her to go to bed? Also, what are some good bedtimes for 10-12 year olds?


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Andrea - posted on 07/03/2015




As a parent I have more problem with the dishonesty of her taking electronics back in her room than the late bedtime. You should stick to your guns about no electronics, make sure she knows why, and maybe have a rule about her staying in her room after 10 or whatever time you think is reasonable. I remember lying awake in bed reading books books and more books when I was young...maybe not 10 years old, but facts are you just can't force someone to sleep. But you should be able to talk to her about respecting your rules and not sneaking electronics back into her room. If she's up snacking at 3am though she may need a better diet during the day; maybe research online what are good "evening" foods and restrict things like caffeine after 6 or 7pm. Just a thought.

Raye - posted on 06/26/2015




Tell her she has to be in her room by 9pm and lights out by 9:30 (or whatever time you dictate). If she is making any noise after that, then there needs to be consequences. If she refuses to go to her room, then consequences. Take away TV, Electronics, any other distractions. If all she can do is quietly stare at the dark ceiling, maybe she'll fall asleep. I agree with the other's that she may need some kind of physical activity during the day/evening to help tire her out before bedtime and help her get to sleep.

Chloe - posted on 06/26/2015




My nephew was like that, only he was staying up until 3 in the morning. Make sure she gets up at a certain time every morning, and do activities throughout the day to tire her out, make sure her diet is balanced, and put her to bed around 9, compromise with her saying that if she's good, and sleeps early then you will bring her out on trips, doesn't have to be expensive, a trip to the park even. Also no sweets at night time

Jodi - posted on 06/26/2015




What is she doing in the evenings? Is she just lying in bed in the dark and can't sleep? What sort of activities is she doing before she goes to bed? Or is she just refusing to go to bed (in which case, time to be the parent!!!). Sorry, but 1am is WAY too late for a 10 year old. My 10 year old goes to bed at 8:30 every night!

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