Bedtime Troubles

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I have been dreading bedtime lately. I have two sons ages 21 months and 3 years. I work full time and for the most part, the routine is that I pick them up from day care, bring them home, feed them dinner, bathe them, let them play with their cousin for about an hour, then it's time for bed. I put the baby in the crib at about 7:30-8pm with a warm bottle of milk. The 3 year old has to lay down no later than 8:30pm. The baby used to go to sleep within 20 minutes, but lately he has been staying awake and trying to climb out of the crib until I give him a second bottle, usually around 10:30pm when I'm desperate for him to sleep. The 3 year old lays in the bed, kicking me, getting up, begging for snacks and something to drink (usually just a trick to get out of bed). He hasn't been going to sleep until about 11pm, sometimes later.
I really like to have my personal time for a few minutes at night after they go to sleep but that's been difficult since they aren't sleeping until it's time for me to sleep. We are currently living in their grandmother's house and if I leave them in the bedroom alone, they will run into their aunt or grandmother's room and start running back and forth. I used to leave them in the bedroom alone to go to sleep, but since we moved I stay with them to make sure they don't run around the house disturbing everyone else. (They all go to bed early)
They both take naps at a day care where the schedule is 12pm-2pm for naptime. I've popped up at different times so I know they stick to their schedule. I could use some advice on getting kids to go to sleep at their bedtime.

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