bedwetting problem at age 10years.

Sakuntala - posted on 03/14/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




one of my friends daughter is wetting bed at age 10.she is trying to get her up at night once.but still she wet bed once.she has very deep sleep at what to do?how to make her control that?


Keri - posted on 03/14/2010




My son also has this problem, he'll be 14 in may. We did all the doctor appointments and still nothing was found to be wrong. His urologist told me he has overactive bladder and put him on meds for it. He did well for about 6 months, then started wetting again. We are just about at the end of our rope with him, but we just deal with it day to day. One thing that does help a bit is instead of plastic sheets (very hot and uncomforatable to sleep on) we have a couple of soaker pads. The same ones hospitals use during childbirth. They soak up the urine well, and are washable. I just hope he outgrows it someday, preferably before he's married. And your friend has my sympathy. She really should go the dr. route first to rule out any abnormalty that could be causing it. Then wake up with patience. It will get better, maybe, eventually. hagd.

Ruth - posted on 03/14/2010




I know 2 people with the same problem. My neighbors daughter is 13, in 8th grade and she still wets the bed. She has had tests done and nothing is wrong wither her anatomy. Her mom doesn't want to give her medication, so she deals with it. My nephew age 10 also has the same problem. the mom will not give him medication either. I have reaserched the Medication that helps with bed wetting, and it will stop the problem very quickly. However, some kids will go back to wetting the bed when taken off the pill. My opinion, especially for the older kids, like 10 years and up is to let them decide if they want to take the medication. Explain that it might not work when taken off, but they can try if they want. They have never had control over their body at night. Give them back some control over themselves. And remember, sometimes people believe treatments will work so heartedly that they do. There is the placebo effect. science can't explain it but it happens all the time with medications. If you have done everything else...maybe give it a try. She is getting older, she will want to start spending the night at friends houses, and she will be starting her monthly period soon. It''s really bad for the 13 yr old I know. She can't go to sleep overs. Good Luck


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Iridescent - posted on 03/14/2010




It's an issue of brain development. A doctor's appointment would be good at this point to rule out any other cause (physical malformation, nerve problem, or infection). Otherwise limiting fluids after supper, waking during the night, and cutting back or eliminating caffeine are all good.

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