Before I got pregnant I was in a major party phase. Four years prior I moved in with my boyfriend at the time, and two weeks into moving in he threw his first puch. I was blindsided. Long story short he got chrged and i lost all my friends. Moved and made new friends. got pregnant , a big oopsie, but the besat oopsie of my life!!!!! Dad leaves right away. I have new friendsz since ive moved into my new place after leaving the abusive fuck. now they all leave me. Since ive had my daughter some have come around here and there. some hav e tried to make plans over and over again to take me and my daughter out for dinner, but cancel last minute. Im 34 years old and getting this shit from people my age or older!!!! Do any other single moms get this shit????


Loraine - posted on 12/29/2012




Hi Maria, its gotta be hard for you being on your own & lonely without friends to share both good & bad times with. You sound pretty smart though & have done what you new was right for you & yr child.
In my experience there are two reasons single moms struggle to find or keep friends. Some women are scared because your single your gonna try & steal there man, some (none parents) just don't have anything they feel they can share wth you. They forget that just because your a mom now your still the same person with the same interests. Have tried inviting the girls round for a dvd bottle of wine girls night in, to start re-building your friendships back to what they were?
Have you tried a local moms & toddlers group? maybe you can make friends here. I made some great friends at my local Monday morning group.
I Hope things improve for you really soon. You sound like an easy going person who can make frinds easily, so I'm sure your time will come.

Good luck

Lorraine xx

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