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My son is 6 years old and he really likes to give me a hard time like not listening..basically. He is doing really good in school its just with me that he likes to give me a hard time! I wanted to start a behavior chart for him but I was wondering what another moms did with their behavior charts.....prizes...did u use stickers for every day? please help! thank you


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Kimberly - posted on 11/01/2009




Depends on your budget, and what you think will work best. I know someone who gave their son a mini car every time he peed in the toilet (not my recommendation but it worked for them). You could start with stickers when he completes a task, or daily if he does well, etc. Just make sure you are clear, and use eye contact so he can't avoid listening to you.

Arianna - posted on 11/01/2009




i used stickers for everyday. I also wrote a weekly reward on the wall. Try this: Everyday if he doesn't get a bad sticker, you'll read him an extra 10 minutes of his story, or he can stay up an extra 5 or something calming at the end of the night. Then, at the end of the week, he can get an extra book from the library or an ice cream cone or maybe hot cocoa on saturday.

Once my daughter figured out money buys her toys, she wanted an allowance. And we worked on her math skills by writing her $5 weekly allowance on a piece of paper and taping it to the wall.then we would deduct 25 or .50 when she was bad. If she had to go into timeout, she got .75 deducted. But we wrote the rules out and a little chart of what got deducted when she behaved badly and put it next to the chart for her allowance.

Good luck!!

Dawn - posted on 11/01/2009




Be clear. Be simple. Be consist. Before you tell him to do something, know clearly what you want and give him one direction at a time. Look for the times he does listen and really praise those moments. Find things he can do with you. Like making sandwiches. Picking up trash and making a game out of it. Kids tend to like to help momma. If they feel important and like they make a difference, you will see a difference in behavior. Empower him with a small chore list: putting his clothes in the laundry basket, wiping the table, brushing his teeth. I don't have a reward system. I just let my 5 know that we are family and this is what is expected. That we take care of each other.

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