Behavior change in my 4yr old

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I am new to this group and any suggestions or input any one can offer would be great.

My son will be 4 in a few weeks. My son is normally very well behaved and just a sweet, kind and caring boy.He is extremely shy around others, and very timid. He has been enrolled in a 3K program, to help him be more social , and help his speech delay.

He started last fall. There are 3 other boys in the class. They are very out spoken and have some behaviorable problems. The teachers always have great things to say about my son. They say how sweet and how polite he is.

The last few weeks, I have noticed such a change in his behavior. He is not listening...I have to tell him 3 or 4 times to do something, he is being loud, and lots of talking back his father and I. Just crazy wild behavior.This behavior is just at home and at Grandma's ( who watches him after school) Just not used to seeing him be so different. When at school he does not act like this, or anywhere else. I just don't know if this a phase or what. I have been putting him in time out's and that does not seem to be working. Anyone go through something like this?


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At this age they are going to naturally test boundaries and try out new behaviors. They also usually learn bad behaviors the is also natural that he acts worse for you than for others. be consistent. also remember that at this age they will continue behavior that gets them attention and they really do not yet distinguish between good and bad attention. i found if i could reward good behavior with attention and bad with consequences...i have very good kids but they all test you routinely along the way it is just part of growing up and learning what is acceptable. good luck and God bless!

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