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I know they are terrible 2's for a reason, however I have a 2 1/2 month old baby and since I had him my 2 year old daughter is out of control. She was the 1st grandaughter in the family and got lots of attention from everyone. She was a great lettle girl. Now along comes my son. My daughter still gets tons of attention from all of us but she really doesn't allow her brother any. She will go over to him with a smile and kiss him (on the hard side) and then give him a quick slap as she walks away. I've been trying not to make a big deal out of this. She'll get a quiet time out for it, but it's not helping. She also is acting out about everything. She will throw things, talk back and just really misbehave. I am at my wits end with her. I don't want to be yelling at her, but she is becoming very destructive. First of all, is this normal behavior? I know there is probably some competition now, but trust me, she is so very loved by all of us (immediate and extended family) and gets lot of attention. Do I just wait for her to grow out of this. I have to really separate her now from the baby because I'm afraid she'll hurt him. What do I do?


Sarah - posted on 07/15/2013




Sounds like jealousy, which is normal for a 2 yr old. I would say keep doing what you are doing for her misbehavior.....disciplining, but not drawing too much attention to it. Try to make her the helper and draw lots of attention to the positive things she does. Like helping to get the diaper or his pacifier (if he takes one). Also try to have some one-on-one time with her doing some fun things she likes to do......If possible I would do the one-on-one daily. I know that might be hard and you may not be able to always do that, but if you can it may help her behaviors some.

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