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My son is six and starting his first year in school. I am having such a hard time with him adjusting. I am running out of ideas on how to fix some of these problems and wondering if anyone has any advice. First problem is that he has always had a fixation with touching other peoples ears. I can not understand exactly why, but I cant get him to stop.Second he is now starting to act aggressive which is new for him. He is usually a very kind child, never would throw things or hit, and I am now getting notes from the teacher that he is acting out and acting defiant in school. I remind him constantly as does the teacher that he needs to keep his hands to himself. I explain personal boundaries to him, I explain how he needs to listen, what respect is. I do a behavior a chart, positive reinforcement, taking away privileges and he seems to understand all of this. However almost every day the teacher informs me that he still continues with this behavior in school. Any ideas??


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I would say your doing all of the right things. What about a chart at school that the teacher can put stickers on maybe every hour if he behaved during the hour and if he gets x amount of stickers he gets some type of reward it doesn't have to be big... I think the key is to have you and the teacher work together

My next issue is he is testing the water just seeing how far he can go...

If nothing else works see if the school has a student support team ... they can help him get through these issues

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