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Bonnie - posted on 01/31/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am in the process of becoming a foster Mom to an 18 month old boy; I've never been a Mom before and I am in my late 40's. I know this will be an awesome experience; yet, I'm feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information I need to know. Can anyone tell me what are some of the most important things I need to know about raising an 18 month old. In addition, I may also get his brother who is 5 months (they are related to me).


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Haley - posted on 01/31/2014




Congratulations! You are going to be fine. I have a 15 month old boy. The most important thing is a routine. My little boy wakes at 6:30 and naps at 12:30 -1pm for about two hours (make sure he has a full tummy before) then bedtime routine starts at 6:30 (bath, pajamas, snack, brush teeth, book, glow in the dark star pet, we call it stars, nurse and crib) he is always asleep before 7:30pm. Of course, you could come up with your own nighttime routine. We sleep him in a onesie and footed pajama, dark room, with noise maker. They eat about 3 meals, with 2-3 snacks. Oh and boys love cars and balls and anything that makes noise. If they can reach it they will. Cover outlets and lock cabinets. You will catch on quick!! Promise :) good luck!!

Jenny - posted on 01/31/2014




You will probably find it will all come naturally to you when you start caring for a child, as a mum of 3 boys id advise that safety is most important, a routine definately helps, show love and offer a hand were possible and you cant go far wrong! 1 last thing 'patients' ur gona need alot of them and ur gona need sum 'u' time now n again :)

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