being a parent isnt easy but worth every day thanking god for them

Phyllis - posted on 06/04/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am thankful to god for my little angel that brings me joy in my life even when things seem to be going crazy in our ever changing society how many of you moms would agree it seems you take the good with the bad times but every day its worth telling god thanks with appreciation my child is autistic that has had a bad experience at a school in another state but looked after her with gods help all the way and now she still has problems with others sometimes in the class as far as possibly bullying her goes but she forgives all the time even the first incident where she had her clavicle broke and sand left in her pullups all day when she was younger boy I tell you I was very angry but god tells me to forgive its hard sometimes because people say they are capable of taking care of your child in a special needs class sometimes I really question that seems more talk than action on top of the fact that they really get good pay to not take care of your special needs child and making excuses every single time. if parents did these things would there be mercy and excuses allowed to be made? probably not I feel whether a public citizen or school paid teacher the law should not be fair to the teachers and discriminative towards parents both should all be held responsible for their actions towards the child and how they are treated in a human kind way like they would like done to them especially taking consideration to how the child feels about having their clavicle broke or sand left in their pull ups all day but over all I truly love my god blessed child from heaven I am grateful every day I am open to comments thanks for reading


Michelle - posted on 06/05/2015




If you have problems like that with the school then it should be reported. It's up to you to take it further and get things changed in the school. "God" won't get those things done.

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