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Hello my name is April and im a step mom to 3 children I have been around for 10 years since they were very little now they are all teenagers. well my problem is that they are so rude and all i have done is be there for them since day one, My husband talks to them and asks them why and they just dont have an answer for anything they have done its just so much stuff i can write a book or film a movie on all the stuff they have done to me. Im not mad im more hurt than anything because i love these kids like my own , im just so frustraded to the point of just leaving my husband his kids just dont appreciate anything its never good enough im always the bad guy, i guess its part of been a step parent i dont know can someone tell me how to deal with this.


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They're teenagers, what do you expect? Would you leave your own biological teenagers if they frustrated you? You haven't said what specific things they've done that hurt you, all you're saying here is that they are unappreciative. Honestly, I doubt they're acting like this because you're a "step mother", it's part of being a parent in general. Teenagers are often, rude, arrogant, unappreciative little arse-holes and that attitude is projected at everyone who counts as an authority figure. I don't know how often they spend time with their mom, if they live with her, or you and their dad, but just because you've been around for 10 years doesn't mean that they don't still have trouble with the fact that their parents split up, especially if mom and dad aren't on good talking terms.

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