Being a Trucker's Wife

Monique - posted on 03/21/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




I've been a trucker's wife for almost 2 years now. In the beginning it was hard when i had his son full time and my teenage son to raise by myself. It's been about a month and both kids are now gone. My son turned 18 and his son wanted to live with his mom since my husband was always gone. These days i'm finding myself more and more annoyed when he comes home. I LIKE when he's gone for weeks at a time. I love the freedom. Although I do miss him at times, I would rather he be on the road. All he ever wants is sex when he gets home, he drives at night so he screws up my sleep schedule, he's constantly obsessed with that truck when he's home. He is constantly running to the yard for this or that. It's irritating. He just became an owner operator so that put us in major debt until i finish school then i'm know that all the money I make is gonna go towards his truck and bills that have been piling up. we've already been evicted once and on the verge of eviction recently. He signed up for trucking school behind my back. The VA would've paid for ANY other school but chose this. I'm just tired of hearing about this stupid truck already. Now that he's O/O it's even worse!!! There's nothing in my mind that ever thinks about cheating on him, but I DO find myself daydreaming about just being single. I don't care to date but I just hate when he comes home thinking that i have to cater to him left and right. I was a nurse before i met him and he insisted i quit when we got married. Now i'm completely dependent on him until i finish school again and earn my own money. I don't know if i can deal with this the rest of my life.
Any advice?


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Lindy - posted on 03/21/2016




Hi Monique,

It can be very hard on any relationship to have jobs that keep you long distance. Any long distant relationship is hard because as you know when you do not regularly spend time together you can grow apart. As someone who has been married 32 years, and have my up and down years in our relationship, I can tell you it is very much worth the work it will take to bring you and your husband close together again. The very first question I have is are you talking to him and telling him how you feel? Of course I have so many more questions and many more things I can talk to you about but I felt this is a great place to start. By the way, I do encourage you to go back to school and pursue your nursing which is a great career!

~♥Little Miss - posted on 03/21/2016




Wow, that really is awful that he made you quit. You never should have, but you already know that. Are you able to get back into nursing? Is that what you went back to school for?

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