being proud of post-baby body??

Melissa - posted on 06/10/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




I have never been a curvy woman. And now that I've have two babies finished breastfeeding, all the curves I could once claim to possess have fallen from my body. The 34-B cups that I used to be able to enhance with a push-up bra have shrunken to a saggy 36-A.

I'm proud that I'm a mom and that I have had the chance to breastfeed, but I'm only 25 and would like to be able to have some sort of feminine curve to my body. Aside from getting implants, is there anything I can do to enhance my chest?

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Kellie - posted on 03/14/2011




Nope, sorry, nothing you can do will make you have boobs again or lift them. Sorry for the bad news. I was a 36D before babies and then while pregnant went to a huge DD and then after the first I went to a small C then got huge again with baby #2 then it was down to a very small B. I did not breast feed and my boobs looked like you had put a golf ball in a tube sock! LOL I workout a lot and lift weights. Chest exercises may lift a tiny bit but not noticeable enough. When we decided we were done for sure I went ahead and bought me some really nice boobs so now I am a 34D and loving it! I don't regret it, and I didn't do it for my husband I did it for me to feel better about my self, boot my self esteem and look like a woman again. The choice is yours and do your research.

Alexandra - posted on 03/14/2011




maybe talk to an fitness expert in the gym, and talk to your doctor, maybe she has some ideas.

Sarah - posted on 06/10/2010




well i must say im only 27 and i have 3 kids under 3 and i hate the way i look i used to weigh about 55 to 60kg and now im 85kgs and that is bad and i would love to lose weight but i do not know were to start. i hate my body and looks i do not fit in to anything. i cover my body up when my husband comes to bed because i hate the way it looks.

Charlie - posted on 06/10/2010




Here is an article i found about Breasts .

many new mothers choose not to for fear of sagging breasts. However, breastfeeding alone has no impact on a woman’s breast shape, according to a first-of-its-kind study presented today at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) Plastic Surgery 2007 conference in Baltimore.

“Many women who come in for breast surgery tell us their breasts are sagging, drooping or are less full because they breastfed,” said Brian Rinker, MD, ASPS Member Surgeon and study author. “Although the amount of sagging in the breasts appears to increase with each pregnancy, we’ve found that breastfeeding does not worsen the effect.”

The study examined 93 women who were pregnant one or more times prior to having cosmetic breast surgery. Fifty-eight percent of patients reported breastfeeding one or more of their children. The duration of breastfeeding ranged from 2 to 25 months, with an average of nine months. Fifty-five percent of respondents reported an adverse change in the shape of their breasts following pregnancy.

As the first study to examine what impacts breast shape in connection to pregnancy, plastic surgeons found that a history of breastfeeding, the number of children breastfed, the duration of each child’s breastfeeding, or the amount of weight gained during pregnancy were not significant predictors for losing breast shape. However, body mass index (BMI), the number of pregnancies, a larger pre-pregnancy bra size, smoking history, and age were significant risk factors for an increased degree of breast sagging.

Nearly 104,000 women had breast lifts in 2006, up 96 percent since 2000, according to the ASPS. In addition, more than 329,000 women had breast augmentation, making it the top surgical cosmetic procedure in 2006.

“Women may be reluctant to breastfeed because of this unfounded myth that doing so means the end of youthful breasts,” said Dr. Rinker. “Now, expectant mothers can relax knowing breastfeeding does not change the appearance of their breasts.”

Sagging or dropping of the breasts is a natural, inevitable process that happens to most all women at some point. The most notable sagging happens through normal life experiences.
Breasts can start drooping at any age, because they do not have muscles in them. They have ligaments and connective tissue. When the gravity pulls the breasts down, those ligaments and the skin can stretch, and so the breast droops. This depends on the elasticity of the skin and of the ligaments, as determined by your genes and diet and also, the normal aging process.
Some common reasons for sagging is when a woman loses weight and through breast involution.

When you lose weight, some of that fat disappears from your breasts. Typically the skin and the ligaments inside the breasts don't retract accordingly, resulting in an empty looking breast that then may sag.
things you can do to prevent sagging:


Tone up your pectoral muscles! I don’t know why women get so upset over hearing this. Your breasts are not going to turn into man-pecs just because you do some pushups. It doesn’t work like that, for God’s sake. Those chicks you see on ESPN with man-pecs are not an example of what happens just from toning, so don’t worry about that. Also, if you hate pushups like I do, you can do them against a wall. Stand a foot or so away from the wall with your feet shoulder width or so, and push your bodyweight. It's really not hard and you will feel it, trust me. It works, and doesn’t make your knees ache. You can also do Fly reps and Chest Presses with dumbbells. No, it's not hard and it doesn’t take long.


Use good posture. Standing up properly, with your shoulders back and chest somewhat-out, won’t necessarily make them sag less, but it will make them LOOK like they do. Hell, anyone can look like they have saggy breasts if their shoulders are slumped forward and their whole body is pointing downward!

Keep your breasts smooth and silky. Exfoliate, use lotion. Keep the skin healthy! It helps to use adequate sunscreen, as well!

Angie - posted on 06/10/2010




I don't believe there is a non-surgical answer to our dilema. I have come to terms with my new body and my husband loves me no matter how I look. With time you will accept your body...

Laura - posted on 06/10/2010




OH I forgot to mention. I have heard there are chest/arm exercises you can do to help lift them naturally but I do not know what these are you would have to talk to a trainer about that.

Laura - posted on 06/10/2010




you can have some of mine!!! :). I know what you mean. I just had my second girl and am currently breastfeeding and I'm 26. I hate my body since my first daughter was born especially the saggy boobs. When not breastfeeding I am a FULL 36 D. While breastfeeding I am an overflowing 36 E and may even need an F. I am a pretty small framed girl so my chest is not proportionate to my size. I could wear a small if it wasn't for my chest but I'm a M/L just to give room for my boobs. My husband and I have agreed that when we both agree that we are done having kids I am going to get a reduction and a lift. I refuse to do this before I KNOW that I am done having kids as when I breastfeed again it will be a moot point cause they will just stretch and sag again. I do not know what to tell you for enhancement as I have the opposite problem. Good luck.

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