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I have 5 children & 1 nephew I am homeschooling. I wasn't for sure how to go about getting a diploma up for my daughter to be graduated? I did some research on how to get a home-school diploma. I found a place called Benjamin Franklin Private High School; but they need to call it the Scam School. I called & talked to what I thought was a retired teacher, made payment arrangements & set it up. I had gotten this thick booklet in the mail filled with the subjects & 7 exams. They had told me they are open book exams, my daughter would have to study & do the tests & we'd send the answer sheets back in. After all the payments were paid in full; she would have a student ID, a very nice Diploma in a nice booklet, transcripts, a pocket sized laminated Diploma to show to employers. They were right, very nice indeed! So that's what we thought...it was straight crap! She tried to apply for Kaplan College & they turned her down! They said they Do Not Except Nationally Accredited Diploma's. My daughter is so upset & she really worked hard on them tests. I tried to call the school to complain & phone#'s are disconnected...? I thought what the heck is going on??? I got a hold of the college that has been working with them & found out that "WE WERE RIPPED OFF!!!" $500.00 down the drain for someone in an apartment complex that took off with our $$$ and whomever Else's money too! I am very upset, now what are we suppose to do??? Please feel free to give any insights on what to do please; for I have 2 more that need to be graduated & want a Diploma.Then what about my other children when they get to the point of graduating also. Plus, I really need to fix the issue with my very upset daughter. These kids do not ask for this type of treatment & do not deserve it; for they are very hard workers & have enough issues as it is. But they would like to have a Nice Diploma to show around for family & friends. Thank you for listening.


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In my state, parents who choose to homeschool have to coordinate with the state department of education for the curriculum, and they will have a state issued diploma and transcript when they're through.

I currently have several advisees in my department at University who were homeschooled and had no problems getting into college. Contact your state department of education to see what your options are.

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