Bells Palsy

Holly - posted on 03/24/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




Anyone out there have Bells Palsy? Or get it while pregnant? How long did it last? what was your experience with it? what did you do to help it go away?

I got Bells Palsy when i was 20 weeks pregnant. It was very scary. The entire left side of my face stopped moving. It was especially painful and i was told that 80% of cases have movement come back completely. The docs said it may take a couple months to a year but would most likely come back after i gave birth. My son is now 11 weeks old. 70 % of my movement on my left side of my face has come back. however, my eyebrow doesnt raise as far as my other eye brow. my eye will close on it owns like when i yawn or cough. and my lower lip will not smile. these last 2 days the pain has come back real bad. I couldnt do steroids when i first got it because of the pregnancy.

Anyone have any experiances that could help me? or at least keep me positive?


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Amandaesau - posted on 10/30/2013




i got it the last week of my pregnancy, two years later i still have it. it has healed a lot but not fully. take vitamin b complex everyday, do facial exercises, you can even try acupunture. works for some. it has a lot to do with stress on your body. just be happy your little on is ok. thats what i try to think.

Julie - posted on 03/24/2009




Hi there my mum had it last year she said the worst bit was not being able to close her eye and having to put the drops in she got through a really bad ear infection one of the nurses told her to use some uplift cream from virgin v she said it helped by tightening up her skin was like a cream botox cost around £15.00 hope this helps Julie

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