Best&Effective Ways To Disapline 8-9 Year Old-HELP!

Erica - posted on 03/10/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter is 8, going on 9 years old. She's so smart, talented, caring and adores family, friends, and animals. Always willing to give her toys to the less fortunate and always wants to help those In need. But she has this other side... she can be extremely defiant, sassy, not want to listen, says she doesn't have to listen, refuses to do homework sometimes, says she doesn't know the answer and just will not do it no matter what. So, I have to sit there with her and I feel like I am basically giving her the answers.. She knows this stuff. She was a straight A student, and now she's mostly A's and B's, her last report card she had one C but not the lowest score. I don't know what's going on with her. I had a hard time remembering certain things in school... but I don't think it's genetic, if it could be?! I am worried about her, some days she wants to have a chore list on her Nabi Tablet that I got her for Christmas... and other times.. well most of the time lately she just refuses to help out, clean up after herself, pick up her playroom and bedroom. I've tried so many things.... Taking away favorite toys, taking away game systems, nothing really seems to work... counting to 1 2 3 only works for so long. I'm wondering what other mom's think, and have to say. I'm willing to try anything. She's such a sweet girl, and caring. I want her to grow up right, and be respectful to her elders. Is anyone else out there experiencing something like this? I should be more detailed and throe.. but have some household things to get started at. I'm interested in what other moms have to say and have be experiencing, or already experienced.
Thank you for taking time to read! I hope this website is what I was hoping it would be! :)



Jodi - posted on 03/10/2015




I'd be thinking (1) that Nabi tablet could use a new home and (2) her cheerleading could be in joepardy. That might be a good start.

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