Best firming cream to restore the tummy ?

Marian - posted on 06/05/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I need a very strong firming cream and any other tips to restore the tummy skin after the baby birth.Any ideas ? How soon after birth can you exercise your abs ?


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cocoa butter or bio oil will help with stretch marks and ur belly should reduce pretty much on its own after 4 months sit ups are really good and pulling urself in when walking with the pram or sweepin or hoovering or cleaning the house is pretty good way of working ur abs without spending money an makes chores slightly easier to digest :D x i'm lucky in the fact i have 3 horses to look after so i had no choice in the matter lol but the hold ur stomach muscles in for 5 secs an release when picking up ur child, or sweeping or walking around works wonders an u dont have to work up a sweat either an nobody knows what ur doing so there's never anybody scrutinising you and makin you feel guility when u dont excercise cos ur knackered! an u will be surprised that if u do it everyday for a month watch ur stomach decrease an enjoy the compliments! goodluck

you can do the pull in an release technique all day everyday and also helps with your pre pregnancy posture too cos it makes you stand up straighter too :) Goodluck xx


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Claudia - posted on 12/16/2013




after gueving birth some mums lose weght to quikly and are left with lose skin moastly everywere did any of you girls had this problem and how did you sort it out creams,exercise ?.....

LaCi - posted on 06/05/2009




Here's something i WISH i had done- the belly band. Supposedly it helps hold everything in and allows your body to regain its shape faster. You are supposed to wear it 23 hours per day for a while, it is essentially corset training, but without all the pain and lack of oxygen. If you aren't already using it :

Your belly will start regaining its shape eventually, although it doesnt seem that way, a year later my belly isn't so strange its taking on its normal shape. I had a c section so I couldn't work my abs for a few months without it hurting. But as soon as your doctor clears you for sex and physical activity it shouldnt be a problem.

I've never had any luck with creams. Good luck in your quest for the pre-baby belly!

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