best time for a baby to take bath


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Sara - posted on 12/12/2013




I've always bathed my children at night before bed, after a feeding. my son would sleep all night starting at 3months and my daughter took a little longer to sleep through the night at about 5 months. All kids are different but i've really noticed that a night time bed routine with feeding, bath, story or song, then lay down and lights out has really worked for us. Hope this helps

Erika - posted on 12/12/2013




My baby is 1month old, I take her a bath almost every night then I feed her then she sleeps for normal time. 2 or 3 hours later she wakes up to eat, but all babies are different so maybe others wake up way later than normal after being fed :) I hope my comment helped!

Deepika - posted on 12/12/2013




My daughter is 2 months old.i have been learnt by people that if babies take bath before sleeping in the night, they sleep forlonger time.i give bath to my baby in the morning presently.please suggest what is the better way.

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