best toys for baby girls


JuLeah - posted on 06/29/2011




Infant? Toys that feature geometric shapes, different textures, and or bright colors.

Toddler? Toys that feature colors, shapes, assembling, spatial recognition, number sense, rhyme, imagination ….

No such thing as a boy or girl toy … no such thing as separate but equal


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√v^√v^√♥ - posted on 06/29/2011




I agree..... they don't even start to be one gender or the other until what is it 2 or 3? A while, I remember reading.

Toys: playmat - even if you dont want to spend a million, got mine off of Amazon for 30$ and it still has his favorite toy on it. A black and white kitty with a spinning ball

A jumper - we got the luv u zoo jumperoo. Hours of fun, about 100$ well worth the break it gives you when you need it lol they don't play in them for over an hour anyway and usually only once a day so prolongued use of it, at my house, isn't an issue. Still a life saver

You can make your own toys out of water bottles. People fill them up with beans, rice, pasta, pony beads shaped like animals, rhinestones, glitter..... its endless. I just made a few for my son. The beans scare him if I shake it :( but he will play just fine with it by himself? So we just avoid shaking it lol

note: my son just turned 8 months old and I just made them. I'd be really careful about how you make them too - don't want anything fall apart or coming out. Dangerous

Pretty much anything with high contrast blacks and whites and stuff they can chew on

My son loves faces, so we try to find toys that have eyes and goofy mouths.

Surprisingly, some of his favorite toys have been from the dollar store in the stuffed animal section.

The ones that hang and jingle from the car seat carrier handle? Awesome.

Just watch your kid, see what they like. My son is big on faces and chewing (der lol) so we have every chewable item out there from every store for baby. Yikes

And this is bizarre, but my son likes dog chew toys - those rubber ones. I was really worried about what rubber they were made of but he picked it off a shelf one day and started to chew on it....... gotta love it. So we bought it for him and he loves it. I've read that some women just let their kids play with the dog toys? When I was reading forums about the dog toys rubbers? Ohhhhhhh lord..... that to me was just gross. Dog slobber to kid slobber. Not healthy. But what do I know lol

Our dog - loves pulling the poor things hair out. :(

We also utilize stuff around the house - like couch cushions. Pile them on the floor when they start crawling, teaches them to crawl over a few pillows, then we started to stack 2 together and he bounces on them, stands on the side of them. Put toys on the couch and on these cushion towers works out really well

Except our couch is now cushionless haha

Amy - posted on 06/29/2011




When you say baby how old are you talking, I don't remember seeing boys or girls toys for kids under 1, I mean you can buy pink or blue toys but there pretty much the same toys.

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