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Ev - posted on 08/03/2013




There are a lot of products out there to HELP keep baby safe at home and in the yard, but the best prevention comes from a parent who watches their child, makes sure that there is nothing in the area to harm child, and teach the child what is okay to do and not to do. Parenting is the best safe guard for your child. I never used the products to make my house safer, I taught them what was touchable and not. I also taught them to not open the door unless I was there. I taught them the outlets were no-no's. I taught them to stay out of the cleaners but I did keep them up and out of reach and put only things in lower cabinets or in areas they could reach that would not harm them. All the gadgets in the world can not keep your child safe even when they are used properly; a watchful eye is what is needed most along with common sense. While products are there to help keep them safe, they are not 100 percent full proof. Do not be lead to believe that those latches on the cabinets are going to keep junior age two they can figure out those latches and get into the cabinets, also at age two they can figure out how to open the safety lids on medication bottles (that is why you lock them with a key not a safety latch), They can learn to climb up on a chair and get to the door locks and open the door. And here are some examples I know personally:


My daughter got a hold of her vitamin bottle and brought it to me open. I closed it and had her show me how she did it.....she opened it again. I had to find a new place to put it.

My friend's two kids got into her half bath and climbed up on the counter which was not close to the toilet and managed to open the top cabinet doors that were latched shut and get the kids Tylnol and down the bottle between them...half and half. Lucky for her they wer okay....She had used the safety latches.

My son showed me he could open the door at age one. He could also open a med bottle by two. (I obviously had to find new places for the medicine once again.)

My friend's two kids managed to do these things at age two: take apart toddler beds 3x, dismantle a big wooden dinging table, stuff enough Hot Wheels down the toilet that once it started to overflow she had to call in maintience to see what the problem was. (She was always on top of her kids but it takes only a moment to do something.

Her solution to the beds was super gluing all nuts and bolts together. Thankfully the heavy wood table was not taken down again....and she had to watch the cars they played with.

All in all, I am trying to say that no matter how much STUFF you get to safety set the house and yard, YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT SAFE FEATURE YOUR CHILD HAS.


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Firebird - posted on 08/03/2013




I didn't do a single thing to baby proof my house. All the baby safe products in the world are no replacement for proper supervision.

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