Best way to handle the stomach bug

Elizabeth - posted on 03/11/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 5.5 yr old had a stomach bug. We went 12 hrs of puking every 20 minutes to 1 hr. Then we had a break, and then started again but only for an hour. He went 24 hrs with keeping bland foods, and half strength pedialyte down. So we gave him "real" food, baked chicken and baked potatoes. He ate at 6pm and was up at 130am feeling like he had to puke. We spent the next hr up and down with that feeling, and finally I had him drink some water (just a sip) so that he would puke and get over it and back to feeling better. How many days do you go on a bland diet? He's feeling fine, no fever, activity back to normal. We haven't started "milk" yet.


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Firebird - posted on 03/11/2011




My mom always swears by the BRAT diet. Even when I get the stomach bug now she tells me the same thing... Bananas, rice (plain), applesauce and toast. I would suggest that you keep him on a bland diet for at least three days or until he actually craves "real" food. Chicken noodle soup might be ok right now, or even just the broth, after all that throwing up, he'll need a bit of salt.

After my last experience with it, I couldn't eat solid food even when I was feeling better. I lived on broth, apple juice and weak tea for 3 days, so even though I was better, my gag reflex was still sensitive. Just the thought of chewing and swallowing made me feel gross. But I was starving so I made a fruit smoothie for breakfast, soup for lunch and by dinner I could have devoured an entire cow. It might be best to let your son lead the way and let you know what he feels he can eat.

Jen - posted on 03/11/2011




i had this i i felt awuful for 5 days even tho i didnt have symtoms after 3 days so i was on bland food for best part of a week thankfully it missed my 2 year old son. i would stick to giving him dry toast n plenty of water etc til his 100 per cent even if his looking better his body might still be weak if he is okay after toast for 24hrs i would say start introducing normal foods again but alittle at a time.

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